Having a ‘week’ off really fired up my desire to create. I love that feeling!
I bought 2 new Craftsy classes during valentines sales. I’m so excited to improve my manipulation of yarn, a.k.a  my crochet and knitting skills.
Friday Sew-afternoon with Cris where both started a sewing project. Well, we chatted and drank tea more than actually sewing… that’s what happens when we meet… lol We only managed to cut & mark.
In the evening, I had the pleasure to visit a tailoring exhibition. So interesting and it deserves a post in itself. Saturday, me and my fellow had a lovely walk on a cold beach and I found some treasures on a local market… Cris came over sunday morning to use the overlocker and we had a few more hours sewing together. The overlocker was giving us serious grief and keep breaking threads. We must re-threaded 5 times. Grawwwww. On sewing news, my Tiramisu is finished and Cris skirt is missing a zipper. She borrowed one of my books to help with the instructions as she never sewn one by herself. Go Cris.
Remember our last joint project? The princess costume came out really pretty!
  • I love that feeling too!

    Just been out on a cycle ride in this gorgeous sun (and brisk wind) and feel there is possibly nothing wrong in the world!

    Going to do some sewing… pronto!

    As usual, beautiful pictures on the blog 😀

    Bundana x


  • It’s so fun to sew with friends although you always run the risk of not getting much done- which is always worth it. Sewing friends are the best.

    And great princess costume.

  • aaww love the rapunzel dress!

  • You have been so productive!