You made these happen… Sew Grateful

Today Debi asked us to share projects that where only possible due someone else… a fabric, pattern, inspiration, advice, etc.

I didn’t made anything specially for today but I really wanted to revisit how influential your kindness has been. So far all those projects where only possible because of you…

1.’I’m not a quitter’ Macaroon fabric by Katie of Monkeysocks @Edinburgh meet up
2.‘My sister is a clover’ dress fabric by Suzy
3.Vogue Very Easy 8615. Pattern from swap @ Birmingham Meet up
4.’Elisalex’ Dress. Pattern and fabric by the Village Haberdashery
5.Charlotte Skirt. Pattern by Village Haberdashery and fabric by Katie 
6.’African princess’ dress fabric by Alana {Lazy Stitching}

I’m grateful of winning some lovely giveaways, swaps and sent cute treats on the post.

*updated. I’m going to make this a yearly feature… 

  • I absolutely LOVE your collage! It is amazing how generous the sewing community is, isn’t it?

    • yes, generous, kind, inspirational… so many things to be grateful for…

  • Beautiful garments. such wonderful friends.

  • Oooh, I love your take on this post! Even though you didn’t make anything especially for today, it’s great to highlight all the things that were made thanks to the generosity of others! I feel all warm and gooey inside ;o)

  • You have a heap of great friends who you have turned to for inspiration … J

  • Thats a great idea! I didn’t make anything for today either. Didn’t quite make it. All of these garments look great. You lucky thing, Gotta love the sewing community! x

  • I always love your collages, Rachel.

  • Your photos always suit your posts.
    And your take on sewing is refreshing so please keep sewing and blogging.

  • How lovely! I love the way that this community contributes to our individual wardrobes! 🙂