A tale of two cities. My Beignet


Pattern: Colette Beignet

Fabric: Navy cotton sateen

Size and Alterations: Colette sizing runs large. I started on size 8 but had to reduce the seams.As its been more than a few weeks back and my notebook is at home, I´m afraid you will have to wait till I’m back and I can edit some details later.This skirt also had a few issues on the overlocker…a.k.a big hole. To fix the huge hole on the back waist I created two pleats. Cute design feature.


Notions:11 buttons (wasn’t supose to be 12 on the pattern?’opppsss)

Will you make it again:Yes, I think this skirt is so lovely. It´s love at first sew!

Like and Dislikes:This design makes really easy to adjust the fit so beautifully.

Conclusion:Wait for many versions to come.

These photos were taken in front of Brasilia major monuments. Shame the weather was overcast.


  • Don’t worry about the sun not shining, your smile is shining instead! You look so happy and relaxed.

  • Very pretty! I love anything that has hidden pockets!

  • Lovely skirt and great wardrobe builder. I thought that was Brasilia! My cousins lived there for two years and the monuments looked very familiar to me.

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Brasilia, what were you doing there? Is it a tourist destination? Lovely beignet!

  • Your skirt is so beautiful and you look amazing in it!

  • Lovely skirt, it really suits you. Loving the tour of the momuments in the background too. Hope you are having a lovely break

  • Fabulous, darling! I’ve seen this skirt many a time but you give it a totally different slant! I love it!

  • Fab place, and fab skirt!

  • Fab place, and fab skirt!

  • Looking great…J

  • Great skirt! Looks great on you. How lovely is cotton sateen to work with? The fitting is complimenting your great figure! Love how you paired it with the flowery shirt.
    Very interesting building, that church. Stop. 🙂

  • This might just be my favorite version of this skirt – it’s gorgeous on you!

  • Ooh la la, mademoiselle! Gorgeous skirt, gorgeous woman. LOVE Beignet! x

  • love that skirt! oh i was set to buy the kelly pattern but this and the new deer and doe skirt are making it hard to choose!

  • Your skirt is so pretty! and thank you for the pics…I was in Brasilia 1 time, in 1979!! It was a very new city then. Hope you are enjoying your trip.

  • Oh my, this is truly lovely Rachel!

  • I love this pattern!

  • Just gorgeous, such a lovely design and you certainly do it justice!

  • Love this version, looks great on you!

  • You look very glamorous.

  • SO proud your enjoying your visit home.. Your skirt is beautiful.. And you look wonderful.

  • This looks wonderful and the fit (as always) is fabulous. I have this in my ever growing queue and hopefully will get to it soon!

  • It is lovely. I’m so glad you were able to make it work after the serger incident.

  • Skirts gorgeous, love the button front 🙂

  • Your beignet is so incredibly chic!! I love it!!

  • Very stylish! Looks like you are enjoying some nice weather too (if overcast!)

  • So cute!! This is one of the best versions of the beignet I have seen! And gotta love those pockets 🙂

  • Soo cute!! This is one of the best versions of the beignet I have seen. And gotta love those pockets : )

  • Loving this skirt on you and look forward to see your next versions too 🙂

  • C+B

    Very pretty (as always!), I like the contrasting buttons, and I love the photos. Enjoy your family & the weather: it might be overcast, but it’s surely warmer than Europe at the moment.

  • looks great, and great photos too!

  • Fantastic skirt! I’m so glad you were able to save it after the serger incident. Thanks for sharing photos of your hometown. I hope you’re having a wonderful visit!!

  • Gorgeous skirt– it looks amazing on you! Looking forward to seeing more of these from you!

  • My favorite Beignet!

  • These photos are so cool and really capture this beautiful beignet! Love it! x

  • Looks gorgeous:) love the top also!

  • I LOVE that skirt!! I’ve had this pattern for so long and I’ve been planning to try it again for a while. This might be just the push I needed!!

  • Beautiful skirt- my favourite version.

    Did you buy the navy cotton sateen in London? (If you dd where dd you get it? I’m on the hunt for some!)

  • Gorgeous version of the Beignet. I love how the buttons accent the blouse!

  • Love it! I’ve been wanting to make this for so long! 🙂

  • This is lovely! I really like how you paired the pink/peach(?) buttons with navy. I’ve seen so many Beignets out there, but they’re all unique. Yours really makes me want to give the pattern a go.

  • These pictures are great!! You look happy with your new skirt … what is wonderful and it fits your figure as well! Lovely!

  • Sorry if I ignore the skirt, i was blown away by the blouse – lovely, absolutely lovely style and fit.