Elisalot Pokadot Dress @ByHandlondon


Pattern: By Hand London Elisalex bodice and Charlotte skirt. Such an awesome combination affectionally named Elisalot. Have you seen my previous version of the Elisalex and Charlotte skirt?

Level: The dress requires skill to sew a curve and the skirt, darts. I think both are very easy and well explained patterns.  A confident beginner could easily attempt.

Fabric:Black & Ivory Oval Print Viscose. The fabric was initially intended for pokadot frock fest and missed the deadline of sewing the NL pattern, but this count, doesn’t? The fabric is very soft and delightful. The ‘dots’ are all of uneven sizes and I tried to used them to emphasise/ disguise some areas. Not sure how successful this was. I wished I had seen where the double darts would met the princess seam before I cut the fabric.


Size and alterations: I had to transform those patterns from woven to ‘knitable’. I used my altered pattern and reduced the side seams. I’m not sure if I mention it already, but when I alter a pattern I remove the seam allowance. When cutting fabric I use “seam allowance guide”. I will write a bit more on this subject soon. Oh, have you notice I change to a size 10? I lost a bit over a stone (6.7 kilos) on the Dukan diet.  The skirt is tapered which I released to avoid an overly tight shape. The dress was sexy enough. That’s another reason I left the length over the knee.

Details and Notions: Invisible elastic on the shoulders, stretch bias and stretch thread a.k.a metler seraflock stretch elasticated sewing thread. Minerva Craft sent me to use with the knit bias binding (used on the Tiramisu) and the pokadot fabric. It’s quite interesting product. I can see the difference structure on the fabric and I’m hoping that will improve durability of the seams. This garment will be machined washed very often and knowing this thread won’t shrink gives me piece of mind. I used stretch bias to stabilise the neckline, and rolled over, then sewn on top to remain invisible. It makes very tidy inside. I love a stable neckline.

details Collage
Time to complete: One sunday morning.
First worn: I was planning to wear when HRH & I go to the pub. For those that don’t follow me on instagram, every weekend normally on sunday, me and my other half would go to the pub for a few hours  and I take a project (pub #embroidery) to sew while we are there.This dress was a bit too dressy and I left it to make it’s official debut on Sewing Directory Exeter meeting in march.
Year: Modern
Will you make it again? Yes, while I was making this dress I got another cool modification idea for the Elisalex dress. I love when it happens.
Conclusion: This sexy number turned out Va va voom. My favourite projects are the ones that are not only fun and easy to sew but comfortable and chic. This tick all those boxes.Photo shoot camera:Olympus D 475+ Gorilla tripod.


  • this is gorgeous, I love how you have paired it with yellow shoes, really glam x

  • This INDEED Va-Va-Va Voom! You look super sexy!!! That polka dot fabric is gorgeous and I love the varying sizes of the dots. You are working it!!!! Great job (wink)!

  • I love it – you look fabulous and it’s a great print!
    It looks especially great fitted with a longer length – very chic 🙂

  • Such a great result, and Thankyou for your Minerva recommendations, will be checking those out

  • Tricky fabric – kudos to you for placing the larger dots in all the right places!

  • Absolutely fantastic dress!

  • You look so beautiful 🙂

  • Gosh, can you look any more gorgeous? Fabulous dress!

  • You look stunning and the dress is beautiful! I love the print and its vavavoom with out being too sexy.

  • Rachel this is such a wonderful dress, super fit and love that it’s a combination of Charlotte and elisalex!! You are soooo clever and this sooooo suits you. It’s smoking!

  • I love the dress! It’s giving me ideas for our sewing group’s Black & White challenge. Thanks!

  • The dress looks perfect on you and the photoshoot concept is stunning! Whoever takes your photos is very skilled!

    • Thanks, I do self shots… I’m the photographer, model, sewist lol.. I use a little tripod I mount on gates and walls and put 12 seconds. I’m still trying to master a way to include my feet most of the time.. Lol

  • And you are complaining about your figur! Wow… you look great! o… the dress as well 😉

  • You’re so clever Rachel and this dress is genius! It’s so beautiful on you, it fits perfectly and the print is divine! Well done and thanks for all the detailed information about the process!

  • Fantastic dress! You look amazing. Great to see the Chalotte/Elisalex combo in stretch. Love your comment about the self shots – I too often miss my feet 🙂

  • the dress looks lovely on you. The print is really fun!

  • What a great Frankenfrock! This is a lovely blend of both of the patterns 😀

  • Wonderful dress, love the black and white polka dots on you! And, how creative that you combined the two patterns into one dress!

  • So pretty Rachel. Love the polka dots.

  • super looking dress and well done losing nearly a stone on your diet

  • Va-va-voom, indeed! I can hear wolf whistles all around you when you wear this dress! 😀

  • What an awesome pattern combo! I can’t think of anyone else who makes sexy-but-covered knit clothes quite like you! 🙂 You pull it off so well!

  • Love that dress – what a marvelous print!

  • Gorgeous!!

  • Looks so great:) as do you.. thinking about doing the Dukan Diet too, but wondering if I have the willpower:)

  • Yummy fabric! You look absolutely gorgeous! I also like your pics: cool combination of dots on the dress and shadows from the handrail ^.^

  • Definitely a gorgeous fabric is now a gorgeous dress.

  • You are looking absolutely stunning in this dress! Healthy, happy and owning the world – VaVaVoom – you’ve definitely got it…J

  • Beautiful dress, absolutely love it. And I’m going to the Sewing Directory meeting in Exeter!

  • It’s so gorgeous! I was wondering whether to give to Elisalex dress a go… I think you’ve persuaded me!

  • Hi Rachel,

    I love what you have made with this fabric and especially how you have stabled the neckline with the stretch bias, its a really clever but practical idea.

    I am glad you liked the stretch thread too, its great for stretch fabrics isnt it!

    Minerva Crafts

  • Your sewing always impresses me.. especially your speed! :O Well done!

  • This is gorgeous! I’m actually working on something very similar at the moment – in a woven though. Congrats on the -6.7 kilos, amazing! Who knows where that left from?!

  • Great dress. The fabric really makes it special.

  • I love this dress! and you are so correct, on you it is definitely a “va va voom” dress!

  • Love love love this dress!

  • Gorgeous! I love it! What a smart pairing of top and bottom! And I think it was smart to leave some volume and length in the skirt so you won’t feel TOO on display (although of course you would look amazing)!

  • Wow that looks amazing Rachel. I look forward to seeing it (and you of course) next weekend! 😉

  • Great looking dress!