Hello sunshine

I’m home in Brazil with my family…
Blogging intentions are to blog only occasionally in the next 3 weeks so I can enjoy quality time with them.

I got a few posts from before my trip to write-catch up and a few things I’m planning to do here.
So far I’m planning to visit patchwork exhibitions and having a week of drafting patterns classes. I packed a sewing machine but it didn’t make it.
Oh well… Let’s enjoy the sunshine and get a tan.
  • Have a GREAT time with your family! 🙂

  • Have a lovely time my dear! Please don’t get too tanned as I’ll be super jealous!xx

  • Enjoy home!

  • Have a great break!

  • Have a great time with your family… enjoy the sunshine.. and catch us up on the blogging when you get home.. so happy your getting to be home with your family..Know they are enjoying that.

  • ahhhh! damm! so jealous! a tan sounds nice! enjoy the fam!

  • Have a wonderful time! Sorry to hear about the sewing machine. Back to slow sewing on your Mum’s machine?!

  • Hope you have a lovely time, and take it easy.

  • Have a fab holiday – to say I was jealous would be an understatement!!! I miss the sunshine and heat so much at this time of year!

  • Have a wonderful time and enjoy that fabulous weather!

  • I can’t believe you packed a sewing machine – that’s hard core! Whenever I go home to Peru to visit my family the most I bring is my knitting needles. Perhaps the fact that the machine didn’t make it is the universe telling you that you should just chill with your family for the next three weeks. Enjoy every minute of it!

  • Hope you have a lovely time Rachel, very jealous of you out there in the sun & warm!

  • Have a great holiday!

  • Have a great time Rachel & enjoy the classes!! 🙂

  • Have a great holiday in Brazil! xoxo

  • Dear Rachel, I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time in Brazil with your family 🙂

  • Having a wonderful time enjoying the sun and your family …. Oh, please …. bring back lots of photos of your holiday ….