I spy…

Hello darlings,

Serious? aren’t we suppose to be sewing spring clothes by now…

I finally finished my nephew’s birthday gift. It took 2 whole sewing days and I’m quite excited to see his reaction this weekend. The idea was to use many of his favourite things, like diggers and cats, combined with variety of shapes and colours. Besides hiding in it, we can all play a game of ‘I spy’ in the future. He is only 2 years old and still learning his words. I’m hoping to make better photos with him in it, so I’m giving you some phone snaps to see my progress.
When I plan my quilts, my colour story is generally quite constrict and matchy/matchy. 
This is so different of what I would normally sew.
What do you guys think? Do you adventure outside our colour comfort when sewing for someone else?
  • I just love the tent! What a wonderful aunt you are to make this for him.

  • Sometimes gift making can be some of the most inspired making I do. All colour, style and coordinating constraints are lifted and a freeness of creative possibility is openned. The choices I make when creting a gift always surprise me.
    Your tent is FANTASTIC.

  • what an awesome tent! I’m sure he will love it. Great job mixing all those prints.

  • Very cute:) I’m sure he will love it

  • How cute!!! I just know he is going to have lots of fun in this tent..

    I do sew with different things for other people , that I am sewing for.. But, If they give me an inch, I tend to lean towards what I like,lol.

    Snow in March..eeeh.. I too, am SO ready for spring and spring sewing. This has been a really long winter.

  • What a lucky little boy! Who wouldn’t want such a great tent?

  • What a great idea for a gift! And the prints are working so well toguether. Your nephew must be thrilled!

  • Gosh it is brilliant!! I want a big one to play in now! 🙂 And yes, sewing for others really changes your world view – things should suit the wearer/recipient first and foremost. It is the hardest and most fun thing I find about sewing for other people, which I do more than I do for me 🙂

  • You must be the bestest auntie ever! That is such a sweet and thoughtful present. I wish I had someone quilting something nice like that for me. Oh wait, I do!!!! 😉

  • I made a quilt for Alana which is kept at my house, and she regularly uses it as a tent so I am sure your nephew will have loads of fun. It beautiful.

  • The tent is beautiful … what a gorgeous gift to give and receive … Bee xx

  • This is so cool, my daughter would love it. I am trying to ignore all the snow I had to drive through to get to work yesterday and planning lots of spring dresses to cheer myself up. Bring on the sun…

  • So so cute! Great fun for dens and so much to look at

  • Wow, that’s brilliant! You have one lucky nephew! My girls would have killed for one of these! 😀

  • What a cool tent! Love it! Are those little hedgehogs at the side? So cute!

  • Oh, this is so cute! I would’ve loved something like this as a kid! Great idea!