Quieter doesn’t mean taking it easy!

Hello darlings,

As the snowdrops and daffodils try to emerge from frosted grounds, fighting against the unusual cold weather at the this time of the year, I feel ready for spring to start. Don’t you?
 The week has been so busy and I wanted to say’ hello’ and share on what’s been happening on House of Pinheiro HQ.
I’m working on pairing the International craft swappers it today. Check your inboxes tonight. Oh, There is an awesome give-away coming your way!
Mum’s cushion was finished and sent to Brasil.
Mother’s day/ Easter love package to Mum.
Bea loved so much this cushion that we agreed a swap. I would make her the same one and she would make me a vintage bow blouse. It’s the first time I’m having a skill swap and so very excited. Anyone  who knits want a swap? lol Since I saw Katie’s jumper I am trying and failing my hand on knitting patterns. “Oh well. You cannot do everything, Rachel…. Yes, I can try.”
Had started the centre of Bea’s cushion embroidery and cut all the patchwork.
The work was interrupted by a little kid summer tent request. Our nephew’ birthday is in 2 weeks…  all speed ahead and so far, so good… Will try to finish the work on sunday.
With so many projects for others, my personal projects are taking a back seat.
My Anise muslin back is finalised. I got a few adjustments still on the neckline and will sew the whole muslin in a few weeks to show you the results. Once the muslin is perfect, I’m certain the jacket will not be too hard to finish.

#Sewforvictory pattern(Simplicity 4044) is cut and adjusted. Crotch was all wrong. I had to raise it. Don’t like the excess width and  have reduced a lot of the bulk. Fabric was bought with Liz on her recent trip to London. I wasn’t very well with my back( wore my back brace all day) but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to met her in person. And of course, telling her “she needed all that fabric..”

I posted this photo of  a Mad Men dress while I was watching the catching up of the series on Facebook and some of you guys gave me some great suggestions for the patterns.  Haven’t decided on it yet.I hope to find something on my stash already.

I’m  joining the Archer sew-along. Well, thanks to the sweetest surprise of my mail box. Sown Brooklyn  Gifted me with the pattern ” Just because”…  My heart skipped a beat of happiness. I am so privileged to have met her in NY last year. Looove you girl!
This saturday morning( march 9th), If you are in London and wanna share brunch with me and Clio, email me.
  • Oh my goodness, so much on your plate. Be sure to make some time to breathe!!! Love, love the embroidery on your cushion.

  • So much to do:) its more fun being busy than bored 😉

  • wow – you are busy. can’t wait to find out who my swap partner is and start getting ideas! i love reading about your fit alternations as although we aren’t remotely the same size (unfortunately for me!) we’re both tall and it’s great to find out where you need to lengthen too!

  • Blogger Claudine just posted about this Mad Men dress and the vintage pattern she used to make a version for her sister: Couturearts.wordpress.com

  • Would love to join you, but have a 7yr old’s swimming party to attend instead 🙁 I really like the cushion for your mum and the little embroidery in the middle!

  • Busy, busy girl!!

  • That cushion is amazing. And I really want to see the tent you make! Looks like a fun project.

  • That cushion is simply beautiful! How I wish I could meet up with you girls in London 🙂

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