Sew For Victory WIP

Hello friends,
Life teach us that if you have too much on your plate, something will be jeopardised, wanting or not.. Unfortunately was a challenge I was really looking forward to complete. I’m not giving it up, only postponing to further in the year instead to try to finish at any cost. Deadlines are fun, but I wont sacrifice the quality of my project or my sleep. (I’m already sewing the midnight oil this week and feeling exhausted).
The advantages is that I will have the time to add pockets and make the needed fit modifications. Trousers/Pants are quite easy to sew but tricky to get the fit spot on even when you have made a test garment, mainly because each fabric behaves differently. Although I have altered in the flat pattern, I was quite conservative and now I need to make it smaller.
My beignet is ready and I should get it photographed and reviewed soon. Yesterday I had a blast with other creatives  and i cannot wait to see Ethy’s face light up when he sees the summer tent today. The blog cannot catch up with me at the moment, being so busy I got a huge backlog of posts to write. Blog will be back in a few days, I need sleep.
  • Snap I fear the same thing is going to happen with my project for the sew for victory challenge!

    Hope you get some much needed sleep and can’t wait to see your beignet!

  • Awww man, hope you find the time for rest and relaxation!

  • Aww that’s a pity! But there’s no point in running yourself ragged. Plus, if you cut corners you won’t be happy with the finished result. Looking forward to seeing your Beignet! I’m working on one myself in between various sewalongs 🙂

  • It is true, if you don’t make it the way you want it then you will probally never wear them!

  • Oh, I hope you take pictures of his face when he sees the tent. I think I’m almost as excited!!

  • Bri

    Sleep is important, but I liked the fit photos.

  • If only we all had more hours in the day and good for you for making a decision and focusing on what you need to and at the moment that sounds like sleep. Hope you get to enjoy a little more of it 🙂

  • can’t imagine why he wouldn’t love the tent.