Sewing Directory Meet up.

Hello darling friends,

If I calculate the amount of miles I done just to be with other amazing creatives in mets up, we all would get a huge surprise. Maybe in my yearly review? 
Saturday before my trip home, I went as far as Exeter for Sewing Directory first meet up. I don’t need to tell you how much fun It was.. 30 of us getting together, for some english paper piecing, cake and chatter.
I had the pleasure to finally meet Fi from Sewing Directory and Kerry, from Very Kerry Berry, who I long admired.
Guess who else I met? Dottiedoodle  and her sweet friend Sue (pictured above… Sue.. I’m your fan!) and a few of my blog readers. 
GOSH, this is the first time I get approached by readers that read my blog quietly (Hello Elaine & friend) to say they read my blog and take part of my swaps. They even had their project photo ready to show me… 
Made my day! 
Ok, I chatted all day, but in the end I actually had something made …
MrsC, Can you spot the lovely scissors in my stitch traveling box? Thank you.. they are wonderful!
Next Sewing Directory meet up is in London, who else is coming?
  • Ahhh man! I have something else equally fun ‘n’ sewy-related planned that day & I shan’t be in London… but I’ve bookmarked that website so I can learn about future meet-up dates (so thanks for sharing Rachel πŸ™‚ !)

  • What fun… Thank you for sharing your photos of all the fun with us..

  • How fun! We need meet-ups like this in my area (Florida, USA). It looks like you all had a great time.

  • The Sewing Directory meet up is on April 27th and yours is on April 20th.

    But I’m going to be in London (for the first time ever!) from April 1-6! Does anybody want to be our unofficial tour guide to the fabric stores? πŸ™‚ My friend and I would tip well, with some sunshine and hugs all the way from California!

    • I would totally offer but I’m still in Brasil til mid April

    • Too bad! Definitely have a wonderful time on holiday while I am in your neck of the woods having my own vacation! πŸ™‚

  • It was lovely to meet you – and glad to hear you’ve joined Sue’s fan club – there are lots of us!

  • Beautiful!!! Are you going to make a quilt?

  • I’m hoping to make into a pincushion for my collection…

  • Squeee! They are perfect for paper piecing, so olde fashioned looking like this very olde technique. It looks like the loveliest time ever, wonderful stuff xo

  • It was lovely to meet you and admire your handiwork. Hope you are enjoying your visit home and perhaps we will see you at the next Exeter get together.

  • How fun! I love your little quilt block!

  • That sounds like immense fun. Love your quilting. I keep meaning to do some hand piecing. Perhaps I ought to assemble a kit-to-go just for this purpose. And of course, I am soooo excited about the April meet up!!! x

  • Beautiful and delicate……