Colette Laurel Modifications

How to:
  • Trace your pattern so you can keep the original for other modifications. 
  • Start by fixing your personal fitting adjustments. Mine were slopping shoulders, position of apex, reduce the CB, CF and re drafted arm cycle.
  • Determine your waist length by measuring from shoulder to natural waist. Use a elastic on your waist to make it easier to measure. Transfer that to the pattern by marking a waist line. 
  • Cut the pattern in half. ( Do remember when cutting fabric you must add seam allowances.)
  • Shorten the hem to your preferred measurement.
  • From hip measurement to hem, reduce the flare by taking in the side seams a little. 
  • To create the non functional placket, measure the dress length and cut a strip of H: Your dress measurement plus 1 cm  by W:12 cm for a finish placket of 5cm. To make the strip, tuck 1 cm  each side and press. At the end of the strip, fold 1 cm and press. Fold that in the middle. Sew or use steam a seam to hold in place until you apply to the dress. I have interfaced my strip before sewing. Sew your buttons 3 cm apart.
  • The sleeves were from Colette Macaroon.
  • Dress construction: Sew all darts. Sew front top with front skirt. Sew back top with back skirt. Sew placket to front. sew invisible zipper.Sew shoulder seams. Sew side seams. Sew sleeves. Sew bias. Hem.
Happy sewing…