Did I mention I’m cold?

Hello darlings,

I’m finally back to the UK full of ideas that I cannot wait to start. While I been gone so many interesting things happened in the blogsphere and It will take me some time to catch up, inclusive to update the blog on a few things I made.
The weather in Brazil was delightful most days. As is end of the summer, it rained a few times… but with average temperatures of 30C, a few raining afternoons didn’t phase me. It actually made my sewing time guiltless. How could I avoid this view otherwise?
I bought a new sewing machine specially to take to Brazil but new airline regulation meant I could only take it as hand luggage instead of shipping as my second bag, which I found out a bit too late and couldn’t give up my carry on. I was gutted and travelled a bit grumpy knowing that the new machine was going back home with HRH. All it was left for me was to sew with my mom minimalist Janone. In the end, Lelia (my patchwork teacher/friend) rescued me and I could use one of her atelier machines during easter holiday. Hurray for the sewing community warm heart.
I haven’t sewn any garment. They take time commitment I wasn’t willing to give. I did loads of small projects that guarantee instant gratification in the few times I could sit and sew.
Remember I said I was going to a drafting class? I was really looking forward as It was the following module of the one I did last year, however due easter holidays the class didn’t fill up and was cancelled.
Maybe destiny was just telling me It was to be a non sewing holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I do go on holidays that I don’t even remember I got a sewing machine at home. The difference it’s that when I go to Brazil without my partner just to see my family, I get a lot of free time as my family still going on with their daily commitments. I visit friends and mainly enjoy the good life of sunshine and lots of love. Living abroad have a few advantages, mainly get spoiled rotten when I go back.
Easter outfit, my Coraline skirt!
I did got around to check a patchwork exhibit, fabric shopping and a few quilting classes. I learned foundation piercing and a ‘card’ block. That’s the literal translation, anyone knows what should it be called?. It’s such an awesome block and was used as based for my brother new placemats. Embroidery was my evening past time while watching the famous brazilian soap operas.
Awww, did I mention I had the best companion ever? (meg)
Mom is wearing a vintage blouse reproduction made by very talented Bea specially for me. I lost weight from the time I sent my measurements and the blouse was big on me. Luckily was perfect for mom and she was happy to claim new ownership. Mom not only got a new cushion but a new blouse. Oh did I mention she bought 3 jersey fabrics for dresses she wants me to make?
Now, if you excuse me.. I’m dying to enjoy my sewing room starting with Colette Laurel. Once life gets back in manageable routine I will be updating the blog properly, starting by all my easter crafts patterns & recipes I created to share.
  • Sounds like a wonderful trip home! I think that pool-side sewing shall be my new objective…

  • Welcome back! Your family is lovely, they must miss you so. Enjoy getting back to sewing!

  • Beautyful sunny weather while we have been making snowman… Glad you enjoyed your time at home! and welcome back 🙂

  • you missed the snow and horrible weather – glad you had a lovely time

  • Looks like you had a lovely time, and no wonder your cold (what I wouldn’t give for us to have 30C here!!)shame about not being able to take your sewing machine, I swear these airlines are getting ridiculous!!

    Anyway I would love to go to Brazil, can you take me with you next time pleaseee!! 😉

  • What a fabulous family trip! And Meg is gorgeous- what a fab puppy!

  • Gorgeous pics, looks amazing!!

    @ http://www.bundana.blogspot.co.uk

  • Looks like you had a lovely, and busy, holiday! x

  • I had such fun watching your instagram pics on your holiday, but now I am happy you are back with your lovely machine!

  • welcome back hon. looks like you had a great time (and i am still jealous of that sewing space by the pool!)

  • Looks like you had a great time, so jealous of the lovely weather and lots of sewing. Hope you bought some of the sunshine back with you 😉

  • Welcome back! Hope you have warm weather in the UK soon! 🙂

  • Welcome back! Your trip sounds so refreshing and lovely!

  • Welcome back! It sounds like a lovely holiday!

  • Welcome back! The weather in this country sucks at the moment, doesn’t it. I’ve also just arrived back in the country and I really miss the sun.

  • Glad you enjoyed your holiday with family, it sounds delicious … I’m impressed with everything you did there! Welcome back home ..

  • So proud you had such a lovely trip home, and got spoiled.. That is what our family loves to do..
    Can’t wait to see all your projects and upcoming photos..

  • So happy you had fun at your holiday! Your furry friend is absolutely divine. I’m sure you miss her, glad you got to visit with her again. Well, the good news is, it will warm up soon. Not soon enough as it is grey and windy and cold today….but soon, it will be spring weather!!!!

  • I’m so glad you had a wonderful time in Brazil with your family Rachel. Looks absolutely gorgeous there 🙂 I have to say, your Mum’s “minimalist” Janome looks about the same tech-level as mine!

  • It sounds like you had a wonderful and warm time away. Looking forward to seeing your forthcoming sewing projects!!