London Meet up detailed Plans!

Hello Darlings,

I was hoping to email you all for this update, unfortunately I didn’t expect the internet connection at my parents to be so bad this time. That’s because the house is being refurbished and we are having issues with the phone line. I hope everyone that is coming are getting organised. I’m very excited! One week prior the visit I shawl email you all with my phone number just in case. Please feel free to call me.

Meeting itinerary:

Date: April 20, 2013.

10:30 Met at V&A. I will be waiting for you at the museum grand entrance. (Inside the Building)
Source & Copyright:Victoria and Albert Museum
10:50  V&A Tea rooms: We will move to the tea rooms for quick refreshments and to wait anyone that is running late. This will give us the perfect opportunity to get to know everyone a bit better. 

11:30 Group Photo at the V&A garden. I asked professional photographer Digpal Singh to come and take a few shoots of our gorgeous handmade clothes. Dress fabulous (and warm if the weather continues to be terrible)

As soon as we get our photos done, we will head to Goldhawk Rd. There are more than 14 shops spread around with a variety of fabrics choices. They are generally tiny in size so we cannot fit all of us at once. Best way is set you free to form small groups to explore. Some of you that know the area well can offer to guide others if you want. Rosie from DIY Couture have a description of some of the shops.

2:30 Re Group at Costa Cafe (next to the station we arrived) From there, we will walk to the restaurant. Be on time! We will start walking to the restaurant for our booking 2:45pm

Jo and Janene done a fantastic job searching for a great place where we can eat and do our anticipated swap. A Lebanese restaurant called Cedar Village. 

Janene scanned their menu and negotiated a set menu option for £20 a head. If you all in agreement, she will book our places on monday.  We have a list of 30 plus guests so a set menu would really be the easiest way to get us all fed in a reasonable time.

They will serve us a varied menu with cold and hot dishes. We can suggest a slip of 70/30 (Meat/ vegetarian). In case we have more vegetarians we can re work the %. I can remember 5 from our list of guests. Janene was told the dishes are very generous and we can stay there as long as we like.

After lunch & swap, people are free to explore the shops a bit more or make their way home.

I will bring name labels but feel free to bring your own self stitched one if you have.

Travel arrangements:

For those outside London, I recommend you purchase your train tickets as soon as possible to guarantee the best fare. If you get a travel card, you will have access to the tube for our next destination.

V&A by public transport

London Underground (The Tube): The V&A is a five minute walk from South Kensington underground station (on the Piccadilly, Circle and District Line). South Kensington is a five minute tube journey from Victoria, ten minutes from Covent Garden and Leicester Square and 15 minutes from King’s Cross St Pancras.
The V&A is a ten minute walk from Knightsbridge underground station (on the Piccadilly Line). Knightsbridge is a ten minute tube journey from Covent Garden and Leicester Square and 15 minutes from Kings Cross St Pancras.
Bus: Buses C1, 14, 74 and 414 stop outside the Cromwell Road entrance. The Open Tour stop outside the Museum as part of their Double Decker Bus sightseeing tour of London.
Transport for London’s Journey Planner
For up to date travel information visit Travel for London

V&A Route to Goldhawk RD

  • Great organisation Rachel, I’m really looking forward to the day :)!

  • This can’t come soon enough. I’m so looking forward to meeting everyone. Thank you Rachel! x

  • I simply cannot wait to come to London – thank you for creating such an amazing day!
    My only drama is almost all my fabulous makes are warm weather clothes – my cold weather clothes are not very exciting 🙂

  • Sounds wonderful Rachel, Hope you girls have lots of fun.. Can’t wait to see the photos ,when you get home..

  • Yay!! Great planning Rachel plus your advisors!! Looking forward to it xx

  • Super detailed well done Rachel. I will see you there! x

  • That sounds great! I think I signed up for this (it’s in my calendar) but not 100% sure…could you let me know? I am in awe of your organisational skills.

  • Thanks so much for organising, can’t wait!

  • hope you all have a great time. x

  • ANY meet up after August (After I have bambina out in the open)… I am sooooo coming to one of these meet ups. Until then, I shall sew on and wait… getting bigger and bigger!

    Bundana @

  • Oh I cannot wait! You have done such an awesome job organising. Im ok with set menu! Sounds nice. 🙂 never been to goldhawk road! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  • Yay! I’m very excited about this and have my tickets all booked and ready! The lebanese place sounds fab – I’m vegetarian xx

  • Hi Rachel, just a quick note. I nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award/Very Inspiring Blogger Award. My apologies if you’ve received it before, but yours is one of my very favourite blogs and I wanted to reflect that on my list. Hope the meet up goes well. Jacq x

  • Hello! I’m so excited and perfectly happy with the plans. I’m vegetarian but think you knew that. I’m coming from Richmond so will fathom out my route. I’m also keen to go to Liberty as I got a giftcard for xmas. Anyone who wants to tag along in the afternoon is welcome!

  • Yaay! I’m in as you know!

  • Hello Rachel, thank you for organising this, I too am vegetarian and the menu looks yummy! It will be good to meet you all!

  • Sounds fantastic! Great organising, thank you so much for this. And I love Lebanese food! Can you put me down as a vegetarian as well please? I don’t think I put my email address when I originally signed up, it’s amazingtaracat at yahoo dot co dot uk .

  • I’ll be there for the morning and the shopping part, but I’m going to have to skip lunch. I’m meeting up with friends that afternoon to go to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter studio tour.

  • Oooo! If I wasn’t openign a second shop on the following Monday I’d be seriously tempted to leap on a plane!!!

  • I’m so jealous!!! I’m so going to start counting my airline miles…

  • I’m really excited! Not entirely sure if i left my email too, it’s katystillwell at outlook dot com.
    Looking forward to it!

  • Sounds fantastic. I would be sorely tempted to Eurostar my way over, but, what’s this?….. there’s a Euro meet-up in Utrecht that very same day. Might even kick my poor little neglected blog into life to report on it, but, as per usual, apathy will probs win out. But then again ……..

  • Sounds fantastic. I would be sorely tempted to Eurostar my way over, but, what’s this?….. there’s a Euro meet-up in Utrecht that very same day. Might even kick my poor little neglected blog into life to report on it, but, as per usual, apathy will probs win out. But then again ……..

  • Really looking forward to it! Have you told the V&A we’re all coming? I know they’re pretty busy at the moment with the Bowie exhibition but they might be able to reserve us a couple of tables? x

    • I got that on my list and now Im back I can do it. Am I right to think you are a member… does it make it easier to reserve tables?

    • Hello sorry just saw this! Hope you aren’t too cold back in London! Unfortunately no table-reserving powers are included in membership, I can get people 10% off in the shop though if they want to borrow my card sneakily…

    • Ohh dont worry. I called them this morning and got a few tables

  • Lucky you! And so well organized! I hope you have a great time toguether, I know your will!
    Completely unrelated to this: I´m planning a week trip to London in August with my daughter and mum (girls thing) and I´m looking for a nice, clean little hotel or inn or bed&breackfast…any recommendations?

    • Depend what location in London do you want to stay. BusyLizzy stayed in a little flat near Harrods she loved. Can you email me?

  • Wow, I am so sad that I live so far away ….
    Dear friend, there is a award on my blog waiting for you, if you want to pick up it …

  • Wish I could be there. Please take and post lots of pictures!

  • Amy

    Yay, really looking forward to it Rachel! The food sounds great.

  • I’m so excited, this sounds great! I was getting worried I’d have to work, but managed to move most of it. As it is, I’ll be slightly late, and will join you on Goldhawk Road just after 12 🙂 Also wanted to mention that maybe in the email, could you highlight that there’s only one cash point on Goldhawk Road? Getting cash in advance would be a good idea – there’s usually queues at the cash point, it’s been known to erratically break down, and in some shops (haberdashery), you can only pay cash. Or it all goes haywire if their card reader breaks. Beyond that, the nearest cash points are near Shepherd’s Bush (5-10 minute walk).

  • Ooh I can’t blinking wait 🙂 xxx

  • Count me in Rach. We really do need to catch up. Maybe skype one of these days?

  • Thank you so much for all your work organising Rachel, sounds amazing! Can’t wait!

  • I think I said I would come to this – do you have me on your list? Looking forward to it – I find goldhawk road a bit overwhelming on my own!

  • What a military operation! I’m definitely coming along, will dig out some goodies from my stash to bring. Looking forward to meeting everyone 🙂

    • LOL wont be a strict schedule but I know many never been to a meet up and they don’t know what to expect so I tough it was a great way to let people know how the day will run!

  • Hello, I’m a new reader – I can’t remember how I stumbled across your blog but so sad i can’t be at the meet up because I would love to come! Great job organising, it sounds like a perfect day. Hopefully next time….!

  • Hello new reader here! Thank you for organising this! I am so so gutted that I can’t come but wishing you all a great time and happy shopping on Goldhawk Rd!

  • I so wish I could come, if only it was a few days later… Maybe next time 🙂 hope you have a fab time and looking forward to seeing you at the other meet up on Sat x