No camera

* Updated: .As soon after posting the elusive camera was found hidden well in a bag practically invisible.  

Since back from Brasil I cannot find my camera… That’s not great news for a blogger…

I have two projects to show you. My laurel dress for Mad Men Challenge and Colette’s competition and my DVF inspired dress.
What have you been making?
  • I should be making my Mad Men dress, unfortunately I’m here reading blogs….could you stop be interesting please (don’t stop).

    • Ohh I do enjoy procrastinating by reading blogs. Sending you loads of positive maker energy to finish your dress. Cannot wait to see it x

  • Oh that’s a shame! Hope you find it soon! I’m not making anything 🙁 I’m moving house and I’ve not got any of my sewing stuff hopefully next week I can start on a dress, fingers crossed!!

  • Good luck on your move…. Fingers cross not long to set up your sewing machine

  • Sorry to hear about your loss! I do hope it turns up – your camera is such a faithful friend! As for me, I am working this morning but only have a half day, so hopefully will be able to do the hem on my Mad Men dress and get it photographed this afternoon.

  • Oh no! I hope it turns up. I’d be lost without my camera. (another one procrastinating by reading blogs instead of doing what I should be doing)

  • A camera is a MUST for you- you take wonderful pictures! I hope it turns up soon… I am working on a Cowboy Boot quilt for a friend (birthday present!) and some summery clothes for my youngest including a swimsuit! (quite nervous about that one!) ~Laurie

  • Oh, BOO, hope your camera turns up SOON! I need to fix my second Laurel muslin (dying to wear the dress, but not dying to fix fit issues) so I can actually sew it, and I’m hoping to get a good start on some sewing for my sis this weekend. 🙂

  • I am so sorry you lost your camera..[so hard to do with out our cameras]. Do you think you left it in Brasil?
    Can’t wait to see your Laurel dress.. Happy sewing, and praying
    that your camera shows up soon.

  • Querida em casa não ficou….

  • Doubly Congratulations! Congratulations to you to find your camera, one blogger without camera is a sad blogger, hehe. And congratulations to the lucky winner of this prize!
        This above is a comment for your last post, where you say you found your camera … but I do not find this post now …. Still, I’m happy that you found your camera again …

  • Yea Rachel.. Proud you found your camera..

  • Great that you found your camera back. My WIPs? Jeans trousers for my husband and a humanitarian project that I will talk soon about in my blog.