Sewing for men… what’s out there?

Hrh and I always disagree what is a cool look for men’s fashion in RTW however we both agree that aren’t many cool contemporary sewing patterns out there. Yes, we (girls) like to make statements with our patterns.. we want to have our outfits to be noticed, to stand from shop bought uniforms. However men like to blend in. Why then sew for someone so picky… because is a cool challenge to have I say…  Searching online I found a new indie brand called Thread Theory that is specialised in men patterns. 
That’s so exciting… Hrh actually liked the coat pattern.
I posted the news on my facebook page yesterday and one of my readers ask me to spread the word about an online petition campaign to encourage Burda to release more patterns for men. You can sign the petition here.
So, what are your favourite men patterns out there?
  • I am SO glad you posted this! The only unfinished part of my Sewlution is to sew a wearable item for my husband and I’ve been stumped. He’s been asking when I’m going to finally get around to making something for him. I’m going to sign that petition and check out Thread Theory – thanks so much for the tip!

  • Rachel. I haven’t looked for any men’s sewing patterns..
    Can’t remember if I told you or not, In the early years of our marriage, I was just learning to sew. I decided to make Kenny a pair of Jeans. They turned out AWFUL!!! until this day, I will tease and ask him does he want me to make him some pants? His sincere response is” NO!! Buy my clothes!” hahahhaha. this is a true story.

  • Thanks for the link to the new pattern company. That peacoat is officially in my sewing queue now (for fall?) since it is exactly the kind of thing my husband would love and has a hard time finding in his size in ready-to-wear. The other brand I’m planning to try out for menswear/boyswear is Jalie; their knit shirt patterns look very promising.

  • Thank you for posting this. I’ve been feeling bad for never making anything for my boyfriend, but there aren’t any great patterns out there. This website is getting bookmarked now. xx

  • Thanks so much Rachel! I never sew anything for my boyfriend and I think that’s partly because I can never find anything I WANT to sew for him, but I want to sew these! They’re very him, so I think he’ll be thanking you too!

  • It is profoundly frustrating how little there is for men, double so if you’re a man yourself šŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the link to Thread Theory, I’m going to have a good look at that.

    Warning: Shameless plug starts below.
    If you’re looking to sew something for your husband/boyfriend/friend/brother/some bloke you can take a look at
    There’s a number of patterns there that you can use, they are all free. The trousers pattern has gone through the most scrutiny, and I am currently doing a series on how to make them from scratch:

    It’s not a professional pattern business, just a hobby. But it’s all free, so you can give it a go šŸ™‚


  • The only thing I’ve ever made for G is a Colette Negroni shirt. He promptly lost weight and has only worn it about twice, it’s now so massive on him it’s ridiculous. He did quite like it but after its two wearings realised that he prefers his shirts with a proper collar stand. Basically I think he’d be happy if I could make shirts as well as Peter does at male pattern boldness. Sadly I have a long way to go until I can do that, though…

  • There is really nothing much ‘on trend’ out there for young smart guys! Will have to have a peek at Thread Theory. And I struggle with finding appropriate fabric as well. Looking forward to seeing you whip this jacket up, it has great lines to it…J

  • Gosh, MY man wants anything but to blend in! LOL! Hence the crazy peacock shirt and its siblings!

    • Your man rocks. Mine wants to keep with his color scheme.. Everything blue lol

  • My boy loves the Henley top, so will be on the lookout for some suitable fabric soon!

  • Sam

    I found Thread Theory by chance recently. Up until now I’ve never sewn anything for my husband (other than alterations) but he wants the Newcastle Cardigan when the pattern is released.

  • Oh, I am going to keep an eye on that company! I’ve done a number of shirts for my husband that have worked out well… But yeah, other things have been total disasters.

  • I barely have time to sew all the things I want for myself, never mind my husband! One day, though, I will! šŸ™‚

  • Not sure what they are like but I’ve just found out that Amy Butler has a range of mens and boys patterns out now.

  • Thanks for the tip on Thread Theory, always good to have something for the chap, to appease the guilt of only sewing for me :o)

  • I´ll sing that petition asap. In a ton of Burdas I own, there are only 4 male patterns!

  • What a find! These folks are filling a niche in our sewing world that no one else has really done yet by focusing on simple, wearable yet interesting menswear. I’ll be watching them and seeing where they go with it!

  • These patterns look awesome! Thanks for sharing! I’m embarrassed by how little I’ve sewn for Man Friend! Gotta get on that!

  • Thanks! Hubby never find patterns he likes but I have bought shirt fabric so need to find something ir take apart an old one to copy! There’s nothing v modern around. Hubby likes a slim fit on shirts and trousers and not seen that in patterns.

  • Thanks for posting this! I’ve been looking for indie men’s sewing patterns for ages and had pretty much given up on finding anything. I am now anxiously awaiting the release of these patterns!

  • Thanks for featuring us on your blog! We’re glad that our patterns will fill a niche for your and your commenters šŸ™‚
    Thread Theory Designs Inc.

  • Thanks for posting this! I sometimes make clothes for my boyfriend and can rarely find cool patterns