• What an amazing week!
    I loved the series and am glad they’re considering a second series. It has so much potential I really hope they do make a second one. My only question is whether there is enough information and support easily findable for those that have been inspired! London and other areas of the UK seem to be well served with in person sewing courses. Here in Norfolk that isn’t the case AT ALL! Without stumbling into a sewing blog and then following links I would never have found or joined the sewing blog community and may well have given up.

  • Your cupcakes are darling! I was pleased to see Ann take the cake on GBSB. I hope I manage to become as talented as she is by the time I’m 81. 😀 Also, I’ve seen some flutter on Twitter beckoning you to add your application for the second season. I have to say, I’d love to watch your creativity unfold on the show.

  • I loved it, I think I have watched every episode at least twice!
    I wish Tilly had gotten further, loved her blog before the show. I loved Stuart, he looked like such an amazingly fun person to be around. I loved Sandra, she was also comical, and I was glad she did so well in the final. Ann is so flawless it is almost painful, and Lauren is so so cute!

    All in all, I loved it and I want you there next year Missy!

  • Rachel.. my friend you are SO talented… what adorable cup cakes and how fun to have them and watch the BSB.
    I haven’t seen the last show yet [I just read that it was posted to you tube now…so I will be seeing it real soon, I can’t wait!!!] ..this
    has been the best show. I love it.. I just wish it was more than 4 shows. ha.. May be more to come later, I hope.. All the contestants and judges have been so nice.. I am just so impressed.
    I will post again with my thoughts on the show , once I have seen it.

  • I haven’t watched it yet, but it seems like everyone loved it. What cute cupcakes!

  • I really enjoyed it and it has inspired me to try to take up my dress making scissors again. I havent dont any dressmaking for 20 odd years and have lost my confidence. I thought the right lady won.

  • You never cease to amaze me. Those cupcakes are adorable. Following on from the twitter chat, I hope that you enter the next series. Oh, and I loved the series, but 4 weeks was too short 🙂

  • I loved the program! I’d have preferred it if it wasn’t an elimination but this wouldn’t stop me watching it. Everybody seemed so genuinely supportive and friendly, just like the fabric lovers of real life! All in all I found the final exciting, and a bit emotional. It was so lovely when they got to work with their models. Just loved it: Great British TVee.

  • I loved the show! it was so fun to watch with my husband and be able to run to my closet to show him examples of french seams or bias binding etc! I”m so glad it’s been picked up for another season! : )

  • I’m pretty jealous of your entire week!!!

  • It was brilliant getting to watch it with like-minded ladies ;o) And thanks for the beautiful and delicious cupcakes – you are a domestic goddess through and through! I hope you’re applying for the send series my dear!xx

  • Rachel, I watched the last episode and I loved it. I thought all 3 ladies did an amazing job.. I would hate to have been a judge..It would have been so hard to choose a single winner.. I am so pleased that Ann won.. She is an amazing lady and her sewing is fantastic.. What a wonderful show.. I so, hope they do another show..

  • Awwwww! How fun!! I LOVED the las episode especially the update on where everyone is at now,!

  • Rachel, I thought the Great British Sewing Bee was wonderful. I was particularly taken with Stuart’s shirt – Lyn Mizano top, Vogue 1274 – and I hit the sewing machine and whipped my version of it in silk shantung – and I love it. All the sewists were good talent as were the judges and presenter. I’m looking forward to seeing next year’s contest.
    Thanks for the carrot cake recipe.

  • Oh my, I am rather envious of your get-together – it looks like so much fun! And those cupcakes – amazing!! You are seriously talented, lady! 🙂

    I just watched the last episode today on YouTube. Such a fun series! I’m glad to see there’s going to be a second one, looking forward to seeing who’s on it. (Although I’m still a bit sad Michelle got sent home so early – I would have liked to see what else she could do…..)

  • I think you should apply for series 2!

  • Bless. Your cakes look delicious :)xx

  • Cutest cupcakes Rachel! And I bet they were delish as well! I have enjoyed every moment of the series- and am sorry it is over. I wish it lasted longer! I liked everyone on the show and was sad every time someone left… I felt challenged too and can see myself being a little more daring with my own sewing!

  • I adored GBSB and am delighted to see what a reception it got, especially on twitter. Tilly, Lauren, Stuart, Mark, Michelle, Jane, Sandra and of the wonderful Ann were an absolute credit to the world of making and sewing and I’m absolutely positive have encouraged people to blow the dust off their sewing machines and give it a go. So jealous I couldn’t be sat in a corner at that party….stealing a sneaky cupcake. They look fab!

  • Lovely bees – you are very creative! And congrats for the top class organization of the London Meet Up.

  • Lovely bees, you are so creative! And congrats for the organization of the London Meet Up.

  • Absolutely loved the series. I have recently discovered your blog and the ‘online sewing community’ and it’s wonderful. I’m inspired to make my own clothes too. x

  • These are too cute, almost too pretty to eat!