{Book review} Stitch Savvy: 25 Skill Building Projects

For those don’t know Deborah is the brilliant sewing brain behind Whipsticher, and I was really excited to see what type of beginners book she would produce. Its seems to be a trend for sewing books to teach skills by projects. 

This book its divided by Home decor, patchwork, quilting, bags, sewing for children and clothing categories, and sub categories based on level 1, 2, 3 & 4. The book even have some warm up projects to take the dust off your sewing machine or getting acquaintance with one as drawstring tote, and a ruffled zippered pencil bag.
The book photo aesthetic is modern and projects are varied, including an enclosed CD with 13 patterns. I have downloaded them all but didn’t sew with them yet so I cannot tell you if they have any issues. My main disappointment is that the clothes section is a a mix bag. I love the jacket but the pants/trousers look seriously ill fitted. The quilting patchwork section are my favourite with a landscape wall quilt and sewing machine cover.

The teaching style of step-by-step photos is suitable for beginners and improvers and remind me of loads of amazing blog tutorials. 
I loved the footstool slipcover with piping so much I bought the fabric as soon as I got the book back in February, however the book refer to a printable measurement chart that It wasn’t on the CD. To do this project I will have calculate the size manually and that’s the main reason I procrastinated on reviewing this book. I wanted to show you a finished project. 

There so many interesting projects in this book that I want to do in the future but so little time to start. The sewing for kids really made me jealous of my sewing friends with kids… I just have to sew everything for my only nephew…  Previous projects for him were a Summer Tent & Baby Bag.

For me, this book is a well worth project-based book for my sewing library with transferable sewing skills that could be used to similar projects.