House of Pinheiro sews: Deer & Doe Datura

Pattern: Deer & Doe Datura Blouse. I traced from Lizzy when she came to visit me. Version with the cutout neckline without the bias.

Level: The pattern says advance. I feel an advance beginner would be able to tackle. I personally found this very simple to sew. The instructions were few but enough for me. Maybe with more instructions beginners would could sew it easily. You need to be able to sew bias binding, have control to sew curves, be able to sew a dart and button holes. I love button holes. If you don’t, you can omit them as the blouse can be put on without unbuttoning.

Fabric: Left over linen from this dress and an unblogged project (more soon)
Size and Alteration: Size 38. I reduced the side seam allowance by 2 cm each side. I lengthen the back pattern only out of habit but it didn’t needed.

Details and notions: 3 buttons
I personally don’t like loose fitting tops on me however since I had the opportunity to try a Deer & Doe pattern, why not try the Datura blouse. I wished I had added at least some shaping on the front. This design is ok on me. I can wear on very hot summer day with shorts or with skinny jeans and a cardigan and totally wins me over the comfort factor however I do feel a bit frumpy without a waist.
The Datura main design feature highlight arms (my least favourite body part) and are better suited on people with less bust.  Maybe If I used sheer fabric will look better and less boxy. I got some ideas to improve the fit.

The pattern is very well designed and was pleasant not having to make any fitting adjustments besides lowering the shoulder seam by 1 cm. That’s so big for me. I normally have multiple adjustments so this pattern gained my respect!

Extra: Narrow hem feet worked wonders for this curved hem. I really recommend this attachment.

Conclusion: Cool summer top, more suitable on petite frames or pear shapes.

Updated: I forgot to add clear photos of the neckline, so i”m adding them now.

  • You couldn’t look frumpy if you tried!

    • I agree! 🙂 Great job, Rachel!

    • I agree too! Looks lovely!

    • That was my first thought! You could make wearing slippers and a housecoat look hot! 🙂

  • Very cute, love the material you used:)

  • I like this very much. The top looks like a corset with a t-shirt underneath. Really cute.

  • The top is gorgeous, wonderful job. I agree with you on the fit. I made it up a couple of days ago and since I’m top heavy, It hangs off my bust in a not very flattering way. “/ Still, from what I can tell in these pictures, it looks great on you!

  • Cute top… Happy sewing.

  • Gorgeous. I love the contrasting buttons, did you add them so you could wear that bag? (that’s what I would do!)

  • There is nothing frumpy about you! That being said, this is a super cute pattern, love the fabric you chose!

  • The top looks great on you. I love the style although I can relate to your fit problems, the downside of being busty 😉

  • And that’s another pattern added to my wish list…!
    It looks really great on you, everything does!

  • Love the orange and black combination.

  • I think it looks lovely on you, I love your black and white combo. I know what you mean about not having a waist, but I don’t think you look frumpy – I think you look quite modern 🙂

  • Oh, I LOVE it. Gorgeous neckline.. fabulous fabric matching…. and you, of course 😉

  • I really like this on you. I’d never have thought of doing the neckline with the cut outs but without the bias binding but it looks great. And I’m a big fan of orange buttons too.

  • it looks lovely. i agree that for me i’d prefer something with a bit more waist shaping. but good with skinny jeans i think. love the way you did the neckline without the bias edging. and what is this narrow hem foot? having just done my first narrow hem i need to check out!

  • I dont think you look frumpy but I know what you mean. I prefer more fitted tops as well and I hate the top of my arms and I am very conscious of my bust. Just started to sew again and the idea of altering patterns is quite scary but I suppose its a case of practice.

  • Looks wonderful 🙂

  • You definitely don’t look frumpy, but I know what you mean about having to have a bit of shaping at the waist, I’m the same. Beautiful blouse

  • Your blouse is very cute. You don’t look frumpy at all! This pattern is definitely on my wish list

  • Ooooh, I love this Rachel! It’s so stunning and really suits you my dear! I just got some lovely crepe through the post for mine that I’m planning…can’t wait to stitch it all up ;o)

  • I think this is very flattering on you and not at all boxy! But I do understand – I always feel boxy in anything without a defined waist.

  • You made a beautiful top, I love the fabrics you picked, the red buttons, the fit is great… you look amazing in it!

  • This top is absolutely adorable! I love everything about it!

  • I’m not sure why you’re not completely happy, your top looks sensational, and so do you in it! I think the shape is very flattering and quite lovely.

  • This is lovely! I love the fabrics you chose, too! Great job, girl!

  • Very cool top. Great job.

  • I love the color you chose for the buttons!

  • Love it! The red buttons are a nice touch

  • i really like this top. i know you think it looks boxy but from the pics it look like i curves in a bit at the sides giving it some shape. the neckline and fabric are super cool. and i feel you on the arms, i’m kind of self conscious about that part of me, too.

  • Zoe

    Very pretty, the black and patterned fabric go well together. I do see how it could potentially hang off your bust (your top doesn’t!), but if a drapey fabric like rayon was used it would be fine. 🙂

  • I think it’s lovely! You most certainly don’t look frumpy! You always look beautiful. I know what you mean about not liking loose fitting tops though. I tend to shy away from them too.

  • Where can I buy this pattern?