House of Pinheiro Sews Deer & Doe Red Datura

Pattern: Deer & Doe Datura Blouse. Version B without peter pan collar.
Fabric: Very drapy and soft poly from Kerry.
Size and Alteration: Size 38.
Used pink satin bias finishing and french seams. I also ignored the buttons in the back.
 deerdoe1 Collage
I made some modifications to make it smaller and perhaps  I shouldn’t as this fake silk would look better with more fabric to drape. Lesson learn!!! Sometimes worth to change the fabric before trying to re draft a loose shape to fitted. Fabric choices do make a difference.
Time to complete: Few hours of insomnia= quick top. I haven’t really sewn this whole month. I’m just not inspired. In fact, when my sewing machine isn’t being used the oven get overtime. I just find baking a great way to be creative when sewjo isn’t there. Anyone finds the same?
Conclusion: Not much to add on a pattern recently reviewed. As I said before I wasn’t sure about the shape when I first sewn, however it’s so easy to wear with a tailored blazer and skinny jeans, that I can see the datura becoming an uniform. I love how easy it’s to layer it up. I need more of those tops so this pattern will be making a lot of appearances here. Biggest challenge was the fabric, it frayed and was so slippery to sew.I used walking foot to help guide it and worked very well. As it’s poly and unknown content to me, I was afraid of burning with the iron, and used organza to press although I wish those darts were pressed better. The machine started to skip stitches when I was sewing the neckline (booooo). I was afraid to unpick because the fabric is so fragile, luckily it’s just inside so no one can see… well, you can! Our little secret!

  • The top looks fab! I agree with the sewing/baking equation – I seem to make a lot of bread when I’m not inspired. It’s just a need to create, I guess!

  • It looks great – I’ve just made the Sorbetto for the first time and like you will be making more as a wardrobe staple, with a few adjustments!

  • Oh this is lovely! I’ve really liked how you’ve styled both makes of this top in a more edgy way. It’s definitely made me want to buy the pattern. Previously I wasn’t too pushed about it but now I’m really seeing the appeal 🙂 The fabric is gorgeous.

    • Thanks Steph, I wasn’t sold at all but now I do feel its a great pattern.

  • pretty top – I like baking too.

    • we need to meet up.. I want to know all about your beautiful wedding.

  • Absolutely agree about the sewing/baking thing! I swing between the two but for pretty intense stints depending on what I’m feeling but my problem at the moment is that I want to bake an sew but there just isn’t enough hours in the day! I really like the top, the shape looks good.

    • thanks Charlie, multitasking isn’t always a good solution.. i have overcooked a few cakes because of sewing concentration. lol

  • It looks very cute, Rachel! And, no, I used to bake, but I’ve given it up entirely. I’ve given away most of my cookbooks and have thrown out/given away things like flour, baking powder, etc. 😉

    • you are looking so good girl… trowing them away worked for you!

  • Beautiful blouse and my favorite color.. Looks fantastic on you. Happy sewing Rachel..
    Cooking is fun too…[but I want to cook yummy high calorie desserts.]- so not a good

    • Thanks Judy, oh don’t tell me about it.. I’m trying to bake heathy!

  • It’s lovely Rachel! so glad you decided to give the Datura a second chance, I really think it suits you beautifully!

  • Gorgeous top and a great color on you!

    • thanks Faye, looking at this pictures I should wear red more often

  • Looks great on you, I really like the colour and the curved hem.
    I used to bake a lot before I started sewing, I suppose my creativity goes into sewing not baking now much to the disappointment of my family!

    • thanks Suzy, Indeed.. this month Hrh never eat so well. Homemade breads,jams, cakes, quiches .. lol He is very happy!

  • You look gorgeous in….well EVERYTHING!! But, especially in this red and white combo!!

    My sewjo is pretty high right now. I’m not a great baker, but I can make a pretty good boxed cake with add ins!!

  • Awesome top!! I love the colour and it looks fantastic on you. I don’t bake so much anymore – trying to lose some weight.

  • That color looks great on you! From here, the drape still seems beautiful, smaller or not. I especially love the pink bias tape, red and pink together are perfect!

  • Very pretty, it would definitely become a staple in my wardrobe. With you on the baking thing….sometimes I do both at the same time 😉

  • Red is your color. Well done!

  • Love it red and white always looks so stunning and you are very much a red and white girl…Happy Sewing!

  • It’s such a beautiful color. It looks lovely on you! I like how you paired it with the white pants and necklace.

  • I love this! It’s gorgeous, even in a more plain version!

  • It looks really good on you! Very sophisticated. I lost my sewjo for a while, too, and there were certainly more cakes to show for it. Maybe the sewjos all ran off together at the London meet-up? I think a few went missing afterwards… Mine’s back now, so let’s hope yours is on its way!

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