Sewjo Funk

Hello darlings,
Last week I had a major sewjo funk. Everything I touched end up messed and binned… This lasted not only for one bad sewing day but the whole week.  
My darling ranges was full of little mistakes that in the past I wouldn’t really mind but now I do expect super quality and perfection. Not realistic isn’t it and worst sewjo killer. Instead of just unpicking, I chopped it off. Bad.  As I said, I messed everything I touched.

Last night, sewing room (what you could see from the door) was quickly cleaned and I do feel so much better to start my sewing week.

Apologies for this video, still getting used to Vine! It’s making me dizzy !!!

This week is super busy so I will take a garment sewing week off and just embroider and quilt.  Lucky I got two projects sewn ready to show you and a few giveaways.

Happy Sewing!

  • I too have lost my sewjo, but I think because I’ve been very down of late. Cleaning things up always helps me too.

  • Aww I get this from time to time too! (I think we all do) and I’ve been know to rip clothes apart when the stitching goes wrong which leaves me in a worse mood! A break will do you good though, enjoy! 🙂

    • Thanks, indeed its a bit cyclical…. we get productive, then procrastinate and so on…

  • Making patterns and muslins always gets me out of a sewing funk – as does sewing bras! I am sure you will shake this and be back to sewing very soon!

  • My weekend has been just like that. I spent the whole of it sewing and have pretty much nothing to show for the time. So I sympathise with your sewjo funk (what a great term!). But if there is one good thing about Mondays it’s that it’s a fresh start. Good luck for your projects this week. xx

  • I know the feeling… two weeks of pants fitting issues exhausted me so much that my head is completely empty. It was good to be away for few days and be busy with other thnings.
    Apparently you need such periods so you can then fully enjoy the creation process!
    Good luck!

  • WE have all have those days. Just take a deep breath and come back at it. Sometimes it isn’t you at all. It can be the fabric, the pattern or a combination of the two. Throw it to the side and keep moving forward!!!

  • I love the new clean and organized sewing room! I haven’t sewed too much lately, and I need to get my sewjo back too!

  • So sorry you had a bad sewing week.. It definitely happens to us all..Hope you have a good week..
    Your sewing room looks so nice and clean.. [I sure need to do that.ha]
    Happy sewing, Happy embroidering, and Happy Quilting!!!

  • I think it happens to the best of us. Why not just do a project that is super easy and fun that you don’t have to think too hard about? Might help you get back to just enjoying the sewing and not fussing over every detail.

    • It’s so comforting to know its such a common problem and good to take the pressure off productivity

  • I lost my Sewjo last week to- you at least TRIED though- I did not even thread a needle… Hoping this week Ill be back to it. I bought a pattern and some fabric to cheer me up and will make something I want to make in hopes it will help! ~Laurie

    • Fingers cross but if you don’t, don’t force yourself like it did, it’s better take a break

  • Aww sorry to hear you’re in a rut. It’s just co-incidence having a few botched items I’m sure. I liked the before and after video… if only cleaning and tidying was that fast in real life!!!

  • Nothing worse than a funk. I think it’s good to sew something that is easy or fun so you have a ‘win’. Rather like me with the Tessuti jacket horror which I followed up with a renfrew – which made me feel happy, content and joyful again.

    • I got a list of a few easy projects but I will give a break to get the desire back … How is life back home?

  • Hi Rachel, here is the link to the spanakopita recipe I used.
    Instead of filo i used puff pastry as that is what I had in.

    All the best


  • Been there! Cleaning out is a good way to restart!

  • One of my goals for Memorial Day, a long weekend here in the states, is to clean out my sewing space. Cleanliness is a sure refresher to get right back on track!

  • Don’t forget you don’t have to sew! We do it because it brings us happiness- so if you’re not currently feeling the happiness and you don’t have a hard deadline to sew for, I’d say don’t force it and don’t do it until you are really feeling it again 🙂
    Perhaps bake some cakes instead while the desire to sew brews itself up again?
    Best wishes xx

  • Ugh, I’m with you, but I’ve been in a funk for a while! I think it’s because my job has been long days and lots of stress, so I don’t feel like doing anything when I finally get home. I’ve got three projects that are each just one step away from being finished, but I can’t make myself work on them! Wishing you a quick and full recovery from your funk!