Few days off for blog maintenance!

* Updated: Personal Life got in the way so I have decided it’s not the right time to try to change my layout just yet. I did created a side bar and the links work ( expect EAT- I’m working on it). I decided to do Pugly Pixel 30 days course in the mean while. After that I will attempt to change the blog layout.
I don’t get CSS but I’m trying to get my blog with a better layout. So I’m apologising in advance for the mess I’m making to the layout until I settle with the ‘right’ one.
As I’m learning as I go along I want try a few ideas. Hopefully get the blog back with regular updates in a few days. I don’t plan to make all the changes at once and If you know a great tutorial, send my way! 
love, Rachel
  • I just finished fixing my blog a bit too, but I still have some bugs. Oh well! Even without web design experience it looks better, so you can do it too!

  • Good luck! I don’t know how to do anything on my blog. You have all these cutesy gadgets that I don’t even know how to get. And the blog look trend changes constantly! I don’t have time to keep up with it. If you figure an easy way, let me know.

  • Best wishes Rachel.. I hate working on the blog [eeeh.. I am no good .ha]

  • CSS is a different language and I still don’t get it. Hang in there and I’m excited to see your new design.