Indie Patterns Month!

Our community is getting bigger and bigger with a lot of creative independent business popping out in the sewing scene. I personally feel very strong about supporting and encouraging fellow sewing enthusiast pursue their dream. We gain a lot by helping develop and shape the future of our hobbies.

What caught my eye recently:

Kat is hosting June as the month of indie patterns. What a fabulous idea. Of course, I’m in!
My talented girl, Nettie is teaching a sew- along with grainline scout tee at Kollabora.
Heather, bombed the sewing world with this hot pattern. I’m currently seeking my fabric. Peek some of my choices on instagram….
Currently my cutting table… papercut!
Are you sewing indie patterns? What is your current favourite design?
  • Thanks for spreading the love, Rachel!! I completely agree with your sentiments!! I love that so many awesome people, who I consider friends, are able to do what they love and share it with all of us!!

  • WOW! June looks busy 😉

  • I am in for Indie Month too – I have just finished another Coppelia and the Elisalex is next

  • I’m totally in love with everything Steph is doing at Cake Patterns! I’m stoked to join the Hummingbird sewalong next week. But for now, I’m off to check out the indy patterns you’ve linked. 🙂 Thank!

  • Hear hear! Agree completely and oh my, that bombshell!

  • I am loving the bombshell versions right now! Have made two Elisalex dresses which were so fun and cute, just being a slack blogger with the postings;)
    Keen to try some papercut patterns too!

  • I’m really enjoying Indie patterns at the moment – my sewing queue is full of them! Papercut’s La Sylphide and Ooh La Leggings. Sewaholic’s Alma. Colette’s Ceylon. Cake’s Hummingbird. So much prettiness to make!

    (Now I just need time to make it all. Hmmm….)

  • Kim

    I love all the new patterns! I am going to start with the Cascade skirt from Megan Nielsen soon and I have ordered a lot of patterns from Deer and Doe 🙂 Victory Patterns is also one of my favourites and I would live to try the patterns from By Hand London soon!

  • I have just made two items from indie designers (Sewaholic and Loes Hinse), and I am sold. Better drafting, better instructions and the fit! I think I am “over” the big four forever!

  • you know me – i am indie pattern tastic! recent makes have been sinbad and sailor magpie dress, cake cabarita tee, gertie book (does that count?) portrait blouse, megan nielsen kelly skirt and i’m about to order by hand london victoria blazer. i’ve also just thrifted a cotton duvet cover that i’m hoping to get a couple more almas from. the other patterns in my queue are cake hummingbird, jamie christina miz mozelle and sewaholic renfrew. i have rarely sewed any big 4 patterns!

  • I rarely make anything from patterns by the big 4, much prefer to sew indie patterns. I’m currently in the middle of my second Minoru and waiting for my first cake pattern to arrive

  • It really does feel very exciting! I am going to try the bombshell.

  • Thank you for sharing Rachel. I too love to support the independent pattern makers..

  • Are you buying fabric locally or online?? We have so many cheap lycras in my area that I’m leery of buying swimsuit fabric. Any recommendations. Love the blue, white and black abstract fabric you have on your board.

  • I have also signed up for the Indie Pattern Sewing Month. And, I’m loving that Bombshell swimsuit pattern. It’s so fab. There are so many sewalongs going on right now, I think I have spread myself a tad thin! Currently, I don’t have that many independent sewing patterns, but feel as if I know so much about them from reading everybody’s blogs and chatting on twitter. I have completed many patterns from books, by various independent designers and sewists, and for single patterns, I have a Sewaholic skirt and also am going to receive Cake’s Cabarita top.

  • You know me– I’m ALWAYS sewing indie! I just can’t get enough of the designs!

  • I sew nothing but Indie or vintage patterns and particularly enjoy sewalongs. Currently in my queue for June are two hummingbird skirts and one hummingbird peplum top from Cake patterns as well as the Bombshell swimsuit of Heather Lou’s.

  • Love the idea of making a swimsuit!

  • Ola amiga, muchos gracias por…being awesome and an inspiration! I just nominated you an award winning Super Sweet Blogger! (you probs will get many hehe)