MC Hammer reports a missing blazer. {Victoria Blazer BHL}


Pattern: By Hand London Victoria Blazer.  

Level: Intermediate


Fabric: Both fabrics are linen from Goldhawk Rd around £5 per metre. The left over was used on my Datura Blouse.

Size and alterations: UK10. No alterations whatsoever.. NONE!!!!! My version is fully lined.
Time to complete: I was entrusted to test the pattern and whipped this baby up in one day! I was beaming of happiness when I finished but I couldn’t tell anyone how proud I am of this make. 
First worn: Feb 2013 

Year: Modern
Will you make it again? Oh yes, I cannot wait to make some more.

Conclusion: This is much easier than it looks. The girls did a great job a modern pattern  design with a street 80’s feel. The loose shape its still structure enough to shape around the body
Photo shoot camera:Olympus D 475+ Gorilla tripod.
Styled with: Zara Shorts, Next bag, Brazilian knit top.
Janene asked me if I choose the lining based on my orange bags.. lol .. well.. not on purpose. I love bright accessories. 

Do excuse the whiteness of my limbs.. even with the sunshine during easter this cold winter really turned me into snow white…

  • I love love love it!! I have been wanting to make a blazer for a long time, and this is finally going to make me do it!

  • Oh I love it, too. Especially in those fabric choices. This is 80s done very well. I’m usually not a fan of the fashions of this decade, too 1940s blown up for me. But your blazer is perfect. I’d so wear that. Maybe even with some Hammer pants ;-). Not for you though. Can’t hide those legs, white or not.
    Great job Rachel XX

  • Oh my gosh this is incredible. I have my pattern sat waiting patiently by my machine (and bought fabric last week) – it’s going to be my present to myself once I’ve made some new blinds for our bedroom (ugh), haha.

    Also, Rachel – YOUR LEGS! What a beauty x

  • totally love it! i’m going to do it similar to the jacket you posted before in navy and white i think!

  • Love Love Love, I can’t wait to have a go too!

  • fabulous! and it fits you like a dream.. you did a great job!

  • Love the fabric and the red accents.

  • love the blazer, great job! the orange/red contrast is just perfect.

  • Wow! Love it. I was worried this blazer would be too baggy but your version looks mega cute and a nice fit too.

  • Beautiful! I really love the fabrics you chose for this, and the contrast at the collar.

  • It looks fabulous, as I knew it would 🙂 that fabric combination really makes it

  • oohh I like! Your fabric choices are fantastic – you have such a great talent for choosing fabrics. And I really love the shape of the blazer. It looks wonderful on you.

  • Thanks for posting more photos of your gorgeous jacket! I loved it when you posted about meeting with the By Hand London girls and as a result of seeing your version I went out and bought the pattern last weekend. Your fabric choices are always so exquisite!

  • So fun! The perfect jacket for throwing on over just about any outfit. And I love the title of the post!

  • Fabulous. I need this in my wardrobe!

  • Gorgeous, I love the fabric combo you chose and the fit is spot on for you! It’s clever how you’ve got the subtle orange accents on the outside too…love it!

  • Hot damn, I want this blazer! It is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s so beautiful!!! I love the fabric!

  • This pattern is so cool. And how you managed to whip this together in one day is beyond me!

  • It’s HAUTE. Love it on you! Great fabric choice 😉

  • This is so gorgeous. It looks wonderful on you and the fabric combo is excellent!!

  • Your title cracked me up! The blazer is very cute and flattering, and I bet MC Hammer would totally dig it!

  • I really want to make the Victoria Blazer. I saw your WIP on Kollabora and knew it would turn out amazing. It’s really great. The fabric with this pattern was a great choice!

  • Oh my god I LOVE it and I WANT it! Perfect fabric combination. Such excellent style!

  • Such a cool combination of fabrics! MC Hammer meets Pretty Woman 🙂

  • How on earth did you manage a fully lined jacket in a day, I love it and the coloured lining. You look great.

  • I really like your combo on this blazer – the black and white print with the orange lining is perfect! You definitely rock this look 🙂

  • I absolutely love this blazer on you! It goes well on your tall, lean frame. 🙂 Also, don’t apologize for being pale. Just tell everyone you’re guarding against skin cancer.


  • This is FABULOUS! Love that patterned fabric with the solid lining… a match made in heaven for sure.

  • I love this!!! I keep seeing fabric and thinking ‘no no no it’s too like Rachel’s!’ I am cutting out my version soon!

  • So good to see more pics of your jacket after the glimpse of it in your BHL interview! Agree with everyone else, great fabric combination and you look great in it. I really want to see the design lines on this jacket because there isn’t a line drawing but your shots are convincing me this is a really workable style.

  • ummm, wow, you totally changed my opinion of this pattern. awesome.

  • Wow Rachel. You look amazing in this!!! Thanks for stopping by. I love your projects and am featuring tomorrow.

  • Fab jacket! I must get the pattern! I visiting from SewCountryChick!

  • lovely jacket you look great in it

  • MC Hammer reports missing blazer ahahaaaaaaa!!!! Looking seriously fly Rach! x