Nifty Ideas, got something to share?

Hello darlings,
I been instagraming some nifty sewing tips when I thought wouldn’t  be great to find quick sewing tips all under a cute hashtag where anyone could check and share it too? How about we use Hashtag #sewniftytip on twitter, instagram etc.
Go on,  have you got any nifty idea to share?
  • Smart idea.

  • LOVE IT. and i could’ve used that two pence one last week!

  • Genius!

  • great idea!

  • What a cool idea!

  • Great ideas, especially the bleeding ink! That one could brushed a lot for retracing Burda style magazine patterns.

  • I already do the bleeding ink idea when I want to get through a project quickly. It really cuts down the time of cutting out I think. Great idea for a place for us to share these 🙂 I’ll certainly be using this hashtag.

  • Awesome idea!

  • Love the idea!

  • Great ideas!