Rachel Meets Lola

Pattern: Lola Victory patterns. I been admiring Kristiann’s work for a long time, inclusive been encouraged many times to try by Oona and Sonja. Indeed, girls.. you are so right.. her patterns does suit  me. I was so excited when they became printed patterns I ordered the Lola and the Nicola. I am sewing PDFs a lot more this days however with my sewjo on the rocks I needed somethings easy to kick start me back to sewing.
Fabric: I bough this “double knit?” for £2 a metre at the Birmingham meet up .I love the colour but the quality of this fabric is very bad. The iron almost made a mark on medium heat (Thank G for silk organza). They isn’t any stretch and every pin was making a dent. Its a shame because it means the dress wont last much. Minerva Craft had sent me stretch thread for my Elisalot in white and purple which I used on this dress.
Size and Alteration: I cut and sew a size 8 without alterations. Every version I seen looks long enough so I took a gamble. It worked!Once it was ready, I felt the neck and bust were perfect but my waist and hips were swimming.  I should make size 6 for all the skirt parts and the back. To make it a bit more fitted I pinned and sewn 2 cm from each back seam from skirt to top. Worked well. Lucky girl!
I didn’t added the decal, pockets or the neck/arm ribbing. I made the sleeve tighter.
Likes & Dislikes: This is perfect pattern for the UK weather. It was 12C raining day today. Seriously sad about this cold weather. This dress it’s comfortable and so stylish. I really love how easy was to put together. It’s really a joy to sew and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. From sewing room to blog in less than 10 hours. 
If you followed my day on instagram/twitter you noticed that HRH has gone to watch the tennis in Paris and I stayed at home. Started this dress by 9 am, finished by 12:30. With loads of tea breaks and social media procrastination lol! By 4 pm I had it all photographed and went about to run errands and cook. 
I’m so excited I made #dukan pizza. My sewing time does benefit from success on the kitchen. Creative juices floating! It’s lovely being able to just lock myself away to sew.
Conclusion: I really enjoy this dress and what alterations I want to do to improve even more the fitting next time. I will make many more. Anyone got warm/ winter fabrics suggestions for me? I can see a long sleeve version for later in the year. 
  • This is so pretty– love that color on you! I knew you would love Victory Patterns! 😉

    What about a nice merino or sweater knit for cold weather? That would be so cozy!

  • this is a nice dress – hope you get your sewing mojo back soon — you are really looking very slim now – are you staying on the Dukan diet?

  • This is lovely Rachel, love the colour! x

  • Gorgeous colour, style and fit Rachel. Shame that you don’t rate the fabric. The more we sew, the more snobby we get about fabric, eh! x

  • Yes indeedy,I can see why you risked the fabric for the colour, it is gorgeous, and not too easy to find these days.

  • That’s lovely. I’ve just bought this pattern as well. And I was freezing today as well!

  • This looks fantastic on you – and from fabric to garment in just one day! Beautiful colour…J

  • Sleek and chic dress on you! Wow!

  • Very pretty.. Long sleeve version will be pretty this winter…

  • You look great! This is a lovely Lola.

  • Rachael suits Lola. Very nice, that color looks great on you. Sorry to hear she’s going to have a short life-span though!

  • You look so amazing in that color!! I’m so glad you enjoyed working with Kristiann’s patterns! She is such a super sweetie!!

  • I love how you have fitted Lola, it looks fantastic. The color is perfect, it makes up for the poor quality – although you would never know looking at your photos.

  • Its great! I’ve been thinking about buying this pattern,I’ll have to now 🙂

  • Kim

    Looks awesome! I love the colour. I was going to make a Chloe soon, but I might change my mind now 🙂

  • Looks great though, so can’t see the bad fabric. I was going to comment on your figure too, you look like a babe!

  • Wow, I can’t believe you say your sewing mojo is on the rocks when you make such lovely stuff all the time. Why is your mojo sad? Mine is too. I’m going to write a post about it soon.
    This looks fab so I hope it kickstarted your mojo. Pity about the poor fabric quality though eh?

  • Really nice dress and beautiful color!

  • Jen

    Wow, this is an amazing version of the Lola!! Now that we are heading into cooler weather here I wondered whether I might give this dress a go. You’ve convinced me 🙂

  • really lovely – how can you make a jumper dress look so sexy?

  • Love the colour of this. Sorry to hear about the fabric quality.

  • Hi lovely! You rock this style! I’m so thrilled to hear that you love it and that you managed to find the right fit for you. I hope you score some amazing fabric finds for the next one! xoxo

    • Thanks! Its so enjoyable to sew… thanks for making them so special x

  • This is so pretty and the color is gorgeous. Great job.

  • Damn girl, you are one FAST seamstress. It’s a great dress but it’s a shame about the fabric. I’m interested in the stretch thread you received. What is it and what have you used it for? I usually use poly thread on all my stretch fabrics.

    • Its great for swimwear, gymnastic, swimwear, sportswear and jerseys because its stretchy and give. Making the garment stronger. Email me your address and I send you some for you to try!

  • Anonymous

    Stunning dress! Can one buy the Victory patterns in the UK?

  • Such a beautiful color!

  • I’ve been dying to make this dress too. I love a good comfy knit dress! The fabric colour you chose is fab! You look great as usual 🙂

  • Ughhhh first I saw this on Sonja and I knew I liked it…now I see it on you, and I’m sure that I LOVE it. Must get this pattern to make some cozy wool knit dresses for winter… good thing I have plenty of months of planning before it starts getting cold 🙂 That color looks amazing on you, by the way!

  • Rachel, it looks amazing. The style is super cute and I like how you’ve fitted it. The colour is wondrous, and even though fabric isn’t up to lasting a long time, wear it lots while you make your next!!

  • Lola meet Rachel and said ‘Wow gal you look fabulous!”

  • L…O….L….A, Lola. Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-LoooooLA! I love this! Looks great on you! I’m going to have to check this pattern out. Looks so sophisticated for a knit dress.

  • *whistles* Fantastic! What a gorgeous colour, especially on you! Lovely job. 🙂

  • Double knit is the best, and I love it in this purple on you! looking lovely 🙂