“The Ranger’s Blouse” Deer & Doe Airelle.

Pattern: Deer & Doe Airelle Blouse. This pattern only sell online via Deer & Doe or at local sewing stores. I got mine from Annie,Village Haberdashery with some awesome cotton.
Fabric: Very drapy and soft silk from a textile trade show. The intention was to line my Burberry knock off skirt.
Size and Alteration: Size 38.  Made the collar smaller, rounded and used bias to finish the neck instead of the facing. This is the second time I made this blouse and it was so fast. Lengthen the sleeves by 3 cm. I have made a beautiful cotton version with contrasting collar and pipping. I will get that photographed soon, I promise. You can sneak peek it on my instagram. I’m looking to buy a tripod and that’s why I’m delaying to take project photos. The weather is still cold and dark which it’s a pain to get good light without a reflector. 
Level: The pattern says intermediate. If you have made a few patterns I would recommend to try this. Its a very well design pattern.
Time to complete: The first one, with piping took about 3 and half hours. This one was about 2 hours and a half. I think next one will be even faster because I changed the construction order from the instructions. I get in a zone and forget about the world and always try to beat my previous target lol! Is there a competitive fast sewing contest out there that I should enrol? Time is so precious and quality too because I’m so picky recently. I cringe on my first items …. Do you?

Conclusion: This pattern it’s lovely for sewists that want to tackle a blouse without too many complicated alterations. The loose shape allow variations with the darts and because it’s drafted for C cup it saved me from a FBA. I have a 3rd version cut on the table and its a mix-match from the datura and the airelle.
Styled with: Stella Mccartney shorts and Topshop mary janes.

It’s my birthday today! Hrh baked me a chocolate cake and taking me out for dinner. Unfortunately my planned outfit (Bombshell Dress) is still on the cutting table. No idea what to wear!  Suggestions?
  • Happy Birthday Rachel! Lovely blouse!
    I bet you’d rock the bombshell dress! You’ll look stunning in whatever you wear, how about your elisalotte?

  • Happy Birthday! I love the fabric and pattern you used for this garment.

  • Happy Birthday!!! This Arielle is really pretty – great fabric! Whatever you decide to wear for your b-day, you should probably top it with your amazing Victoria blazer… in case it gets chilly 🙂

  • Lovely blouse.. Great outfit.. Look pretty on you. Happy sewing

  • Happy birthday!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  • First of all, happy birthday! Who cares if you didn’t finish your dress – you have a beautiful blouse to show off!

  • Lovely blouse and I ordered the pattern after seeing your two blouses on instagram. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday Rachel!! This is lovely, and I love how you’ve styled it. I’ve just made a Deer and Doe blouse and agree they are very well designed. Lovely choice of fabric too. You must have such a huge range of possible outfits for your birthday meal…….!

  • So very cute Rachel! Happy Birthday! You have such a wardrobe to chose from- your jersey dresses always look amazing!

  • Happy birthday! Have a fab day and dinner, Beautiful blouse!

  • Happy birthday! And well done on the blouse, it is looking lovely.

  • Gorgeous blouse, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Kim

    I love your blouse! The fabric is gorgeous and the fit looks awesome. And happy birthday! I hope
    you have a wonderfull day!

  • happy birthday!

    I have this pattern and some lovely double gauze waiting to be used but am fretting about the piping (what fabric to use with double gauze). I’m a bit of a newbie dressmaking wise. You have inspired me to crack on.

  • Stunning outfit and fabric and oh those shoes with the bows… Happy birthday too!

  • Wonderful fabric, really love that print. It has a kind of forest feel to it.
    I cringe at past projects too, but then I realise that is part of what I love about sewing. You always get better. you learn something with every project you make. When I now look at things I made four years ago I see all the things that are wrong with it, but I lso remember how proud I was that I actually had made something that fit. So I don’t really mind that some garments from the past are not constructed corrected, or not finished perfectly. It makes me appreciate my sewing journey 🙂

  • Gorgeous as always lady, happy birthday!! Hope you had a good day:)

  • Happy Birthday Rachel – have an amazing time tonight…I’m sure you have plenty of stunning me-made outfits to choose from ;o)

    Love this new blouse by the way, it’s so gorgeous!

  • Happy birthday! You will look beautiful in whatever you wear, but I’m partial to your new Victoria jacket!

  • Happy Birthday Rachel! With so many lovely outfits in your wardrobe I’m sure you’ll find something amazing to wear.

    Love your new top, very pretty.

  • Happy Birthday! Dear Rachel! Love that project you have on the table sewing and of course, this pretty blouse you show in this post. So elegant … How much fun that your kid bake a cake for you … I would not let my husband do that … surely we end up with the kitchen on fire … lol.

  • Happy Birthday!! You have so many lovely clothes. I’m sure you can just go to your closet and throw anything on and look out of this world:)
    Cute top BTW!!

  • Happy Birthday!
    I love that top, so pretty!

  • This is so beautiful! I love it! Happy birthday, pretty lady! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Happy birthday! I’m sure you’ll find something lovely to wear.

  • Cute top! Happy Birthday! My bombshell dress is still on the cutting table, too.

  • This blouse is so perfect on you. Also, happy birthday!!! ♥♥♥

  • Great blouse and happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday beautiful!!

  • L

    Very pretty blouse. Happy birthday to you.

  • L

    Very pretty blouse. Happy birthday to you.

  • Happy birthday beautiful girl! x

  • Happy birthday sweetie! What a beautiful blouse!! It looks perfect on you xx

  • It’s so lovely 🙂 also omg can I have your legs?? Lol! Happy birthday you fabulous lady! Ps your shoes are adorable too!

  • Happy Birthday! You look gorgeous, as always. Love the new top. I’m really wanting to try the Datura pattern from Deer and Doe.

  • Simply adorable, and I really love how you styled it. Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday for yesterday hun:)!

  • Happy Birthday for yesterday hun :)!

  • Very nice blouse! It reminds me of Tilly and the Button’s Mathilde.

  • Preciosa la blusa! Muchísimas felicidades!


  • Belated birthday wishes Rachel! I love your blouse, I made this for my birthday too! x

  • It’s lovely! The deep green looks so wonderful on you. And wishing you a very happy birthday! Bummer about the bombshell… but I can’t wait to see it finished on you 🙂