Club Tropicana Reversible Blazer

When I was photographing this jacket, 3 lovely old ladies asked me what I was doing. I showed them my camera attached to the fence and that I was photographing my latest make: this jacket. They asked me if I was a art student. I told them that it’s my hobby and I sew for pure fun of it. “That is so clever“- I heard.  I confess it totally made my day. They asked me if I could take off the jacket when I said it was reversible and they were quite impressed. They spend about 10 min inspecting my work.  Nerve hacking! When we part our ways they said was lovely meeting a young girl (They probably didn’t realise I’m past 30)  that sew so well. Oh! Thanks lovely ladies. 

Pattern: By Hand London Victoria Blazer.  

Level: Intermediate

Fabric: Both are cotton. The tropicana print from Goldhawk road about £5 metre and contrasting sleeves it’s Art gallery Endless Chain Teal from Alhambra II collection. 
Size: UK10, same one I used from testing the pattern and that didn’t have the ‘crop’ version line.  I measured flat where I wanted it to hit and cropped the pattern. That’s simple.
Alterations: Left the collar and lapel off and made the jacket reversible. Actually I had almost sewn the whole jacket ready for the BHL party and dawn upon me that it would be so cool to make it reversible. The only pieces left to cut was the sleeves lining. I had a plain blue that matched nicely but there is a summer trend I really love: “print crash”. So I rummaged my quilting cottons drawer and found a ‘perfect print crash’ candidate. 
Now to the reversible part. There are many techniques to sew a reversible garment and wasn’t easy to decide what to do. 

In the end, I used a mix match of sewing a lining techniques by sewing everything on the inside and turn by the sleeves. Used self made bias and binded the sleeve head. 

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Will you make it again? Crop version it’s so cute. Maybe a wool version for the future.

Conclusion: I love how easy this pattern to sew, specially because its outwear… There is a higher sense of achievement making something that looks complicated but is not.  Perfect summer jacket.
Photo shoot camera:Olympus D 475+ Gorilla tripod.
Styled with: Zara Shorts & knit top.
  • Very pretty blazer and so nice it is reversible. I cannot believe you are over 30, you look great!

  • Your jacket is absolutely amazing, no wonder those ladies stopped to speak to you and admire your work 🙂

  • Congratulations on finishing your reversable jacket. Print crashing is the way to go.
    Those ladies would have been admiring the depth of your sewing. That would have made my day too.

  • Kim

    Very cute! I love that it’s reversible! The blazer is third on my to sew list, can’t wait to try my first BHL pattern 🙂

  • Ooh!! Love your super cool blazer. Really cute being cropped and I love that fabric and the clever sleeves

  • Brilliant! I love the pattern clash trend too. Your jacket is lovely and perfect for this weather. Enjoy it!

  • What a great idea – and how lovely were those ladies?!!

  • So cute! I love the fabric you’ve used, it’s so much fun. 🙂

    And those older ladies – what an awesome story!!

  • Rach this looks so great! As far as I know, this is the very first reversible attempt. Ten points! Thanks for sharing. xx

  • Awesome pop of colour for such a great summer. And how lovely to meet enthusiasts like that.:)

  • You have, as usual, been so creative. It’s a fabulously different jacket!

    Remember, to those old ladies even I am young, at forty seven! I try to remember to bring that perspective to mind when I feel suddenly old(er).

  • A couple of old ladies (Jehova’s witnesses) came to the door a few weeks ago. I was wearing my recently completed denim skirt. They immediately asked if I made it and coo-ed about how nice it was, noticing the African fabric I used. It’s so nice to be appreciated! Old ladies are the best!

  • Fabulous! I love seeing this pattern in all these lovely prints. Even though my own one will be a plain grey ponte jersey!
    I really love the the story about the women asking what you were doing and admiring your work, that’s so cool.

  • love your story about the old ladies; it’s so sweet they stopped to talk to you and admire your handiwork. great jacket too! so clever to make it reversible, love the pattern mixing!

  • Love this jacket, it’s so happy and so fitting for the UK’s summer this year (oh ok, perhaps it’s still a little hot for it). So glad you had that inspiration to make it reversible.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric! It’s such a glorious and cheery blazer – and I love that you’ve made it reversible! Positively genius!

  • Oh those ladies sound like a HOOT! Love that story. The jacket is ab fab! I’d not heard of print crash but sounds like a great sunny Summer concept to me. Love!

  • Oh those ladies sound like a HOOT! What a great story. The jacket is ab fab! I’d not heard of print crash but it’s a great concept for a sunny Summer! Love. Also this is the third time typing this comment having lost the others so I hope you don’t get a bunch of comments from me..!

  • So very fun! What a great jacket!

  • Fabulous blazer Rachel! Love how you made it reversible!

  • this is another A one win Rachel. Those shorts are smoking too 🙂


  • This looks great, such a colourful summer piece! Love the sleeve on the reverse side as well. Great make!

  • Love the jacket and how cool that it is reversible. The print combination is great and super summery. I think I might have to try this idea!

  • Really cute blazer! I love it when older ladies are surprised that us ‘young ones’ like to sew or knit.
    It was so lovely to meet you at FQR and I’m now totally inspired to start sewing clothes.

  • Love these colours on you – so vibrant and alive just like the wearer!

  • Super cute, Rachel!

  • I love this reversible Victoria. And it’s so nice that the older ladies commented so positive on your blazer. That is just lovely!

  • This is so perfect! I love it! It’s perfectly summery and oh-so-clever!

  • The jacket is very pretty looks wonderful…

  • I love your jacket Rachel, especially the reversable sleeves.

  • Ummmm I’m OBSESSED with that floral fabric!!!! It’s hard for me to focus on anything else haha

  • great story, I often wonder about passer by’s when out taking photos. The jacket looks ammmazzzinngg!!!