DIY Bleach Tie Dye Dress

What you need:

 Your project {I used an denim dress size 12, Tall range}

before dye

A bucket
Rubber bands
Rubber gloves
Woden spoon
Warm water
I used a paper mask over my nose as I’m sensitive to the smell 

Do it outdoors, in an open space, with plenty of ventilation. 

I didn’t plan a specific pattern like shibori so I just scrunched the fabric, starting on the sleeves first, then crumpling the body making into a ball. To secure I used many rubber bands. I left the skirt out of the bucket.

Diluted: 1 cup of beach for 4 cups of warm water.

dye copy

How to:

 Soak the denim in water before starting the process.

Wearing gloves and a wooden spoon, submerge the denim into the solution. Once it started to light it up, remove it. I left for 5 minutes. 

Be careful and keep watching the item as bleach can damage it. Remove carefully and wash very well ( wearing gloves and a wooden spoon) avoid touching it for a while. Some people use a bleach stopper as hydrogen peroxide… I didn’t.

Spend some time washing under running water, then soak in the bath tub for an hour with warm clean water.

Wash in the washing machine by itself in warm cycle. 

Since then I have washed again and no running of beach on other clothes.

dye1 copy

How to refashion the dress:

Fit X-ray:The dress was one size too big, shapeless and hem height was too long, ageing me.


Using a rotary cutter, cut a straight line after the last button. From the bottom part, remove 2 cm.

Pin it back to the dress, with the front part at the back and the back on the centre front. Start by the side seams and pin around. Sew a seam allowance of 5/8 (1.5 cm). Overlock the excess. That creates a nice back vent.


Create fisheye darts on the bodice. Measure the centre of the bodice and pin the start of the dart from under the pocket to the waist, diminishing until the dart fades. Press!

Just show that having a good fit really makes a different on an garment. Have you been refashioning later?

  • lovely refashion! are fisheye darts the double pointed diamond shaped ones?

  • This looks wonderful, so pretty and cloudlike. If I may make a simple suggestion? Rinse your dress out one more time after letting it soak in a mixture of 1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon water for ten minutes. Bleach will continue to deteriorate your fabric even after major rinsing. The vinegar kills the chemical reaction that causes this to take place. It will stop any bleach action and take out the bleach odor as well. Just a suggestion and it looks great.

    • Thanks for the tip, I never realised you could use vinegar to neutralise the bleach, Thankyou!

    • Yes, I heard about it, some contradictory advice on vinegar so I didn’t try, but I will now. I also heard bicarbonate of soda. The smell has gone on the first wash, and the fabric looks so far. Maybe my bleach ratio was weak

  • I love what you did with the bottom hem, that’s genius! What a cute dress 🙂

    • I have to admit I’m super excited how cool it did turn out… It’s so cool when the idea turns ever better than in your head

  • How cute! I never think to refashion, mostly because I hate shopping, but I’ll have to venture into some thrift stores to find fun pieces to refashion! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I’m refashion my own clothes that I thought before I had a good idea on fit. Sewing help in so many levels

  • Amazing how much more flattering the dress is with just a few changes! It looks great.

  • That’s so cool! I love the splotchy bleach effect and the fit looks really good on you!
    My daughter and I did some ombre look bleaching last summer by dip dyeing denim shorts with bleach, it came out really good and I want to have another go this summer!

    • I’m really keen to try ombré too… It’s so much fun, isn’t it

  • A refashion! I love it, Rachel. The new fit is perfect. I like that you only bleached the top half too.

  • Fab.U.Lous

  • Kim

    Gorgeous result! I really like the fact that it is only the top half that is bleached!

  • as I said on instagram, very cool! 🙂 great to see your process here. It looks exactly like your clouds.

  • Wow! This looks great. I used to have a lot do not want to wear the clothes, I do not know how to deal with them, I think your idea is ​​great, I decided I want to try.