How messy it’s your sewing room?

Confession time my friends,
I try to keep my sewing room as clutter free as I can but it exist in a current state of a mess! 
It’s the downside of being creative. When Im sewing I need to have a certain flow, a bit of trial and error and experimentation makes the place look like a bomb exploded.
I’m often tiding my room. Like, daily!!!! I like to start with a certain level of organisation and space but doesn’t take long for me to bring it back the patterns pieces and bits of fabrics on the floor or in any other available surface. I even invade the living room, office… if I could invade the kitchen and bathroom I would been there. 
How much space one need? Do you find the more space you have, the more you use it?
Go on, spare me some consolation that I’m not the only one living like a pig in the mud!
  • At least you have a proper sewing room, me, my sewing machines are in my dining table hehehe, I reeally want a sewing room,but I don´t have enough room.

  • I’m like Lizzy, my machine lives on the dining table and my sewing space is the lounge. I recently got told off for allowing the ironing board to live in the kitchen for a week! I have neat piles of fabric at the moment until I build up to moving them back to where they belong!

  • My sewing space is a multi-functional room, like the ladies above. So, I find myself putting things away in between uses. It gets too overwhelming if I leave things out.

  • I recently rearranged my room because it was a mess!! I like the new arrangement, but I could use some different pieces of furniture to really make it nice.

    I also gave myself someplace to put in progress projects, a large-ish cardboard box with a lid from IKEA. That cleared up a chair and table that were always covered in half done projects.

  • Oh, my room is a mess too! In fact, the whole house. Its why I started a movement with the hashtag #sewdontclean

    • Love the #sewdontclean !!!!

  • Oh, I’m just as bad. The difference is that I don’t tidy daily, so my sewing space is messy for longer.

  • I think my comment might have gotten eaten, so I’m sorry if this is a double post. But I was going to say that with two kids, three adults, and four indoor/outdoor cats my house is ALWAYS a mess. What’s funny is that when I’m not sewing my sewing/office area is some of the cleanest in the house. And I tried to start a #sewdontclean movement

  • Is this photo of a tidy or messy version? If messy, that is pretty much my tidy….which very rarely happens. Annoyingly though, I feel so much better when my room/desk/fridge/insert space here is tidy, but I am so bad at keeping things that way. Inherently lazy, that’s me.

  • I took over my family’s extra bedroom and it’s now my sewing room. It’s quite messy, but it’s now an organized messy that’s a step up from the complete disaster area that is was before. I really need to finish the cleaning and organizing process so I’ll have room for a table the serger that my great aunt’s giving me.

  • I live in a 70 sqm flat on my own and I would say that 80% of my living room a my bedroom is filled with sewing related clutter, on a daily basis. I tidy my place all the time, but in those periods where I sew everyday, the clutter sometimes win. My BF and I are often taking about finding a place where we could move in together, but my sewing and his two kids take up so much space, that we currently can’t afford it 🙁

  • Me too Rachel… Living like a pig in the mud.hahahhaha
    I have a sewing room, and I do try to start off in a tidy area… But, it is not long, until— pattern pieces, bits of thread, fabric etc is cluttering the room.. I am also bad, to pull out boxes of patterns or magazines and first thing you know, it is every where. lol
    Any suggestions on organization? I need it.

  • Working in the mess is so much better than clean space.. then you have to search for everything constantly 😉
    I so I tell myself haha

  • I’m lucky enough to have a sewing room which does go from very messy to tidy about once a week. I have all these good intentions of being a neat and organised sewer but before I know it there are patterns and fabric everywhere! (and I’m always getting told off for leaving pins on the floor!)

  • Nope you are not alone – my room is a mess too!

  • You are lucky to have a room I only have a corner in my bedroom. I try to keep it tidy and organized, because I am afraid it will get out of hand and my bedroom will not look as such. It is very difficult to keep it tidy… I am organized with bins, baskets, boxes and containers, but is a nightmare when I am looking for something and do not remember where i put it. I try not to invade other areas of the house but I use the dinning room table to cut and trace patterns, I try to do more than one at a time then I put everything away and confine my self to my corner!

  • My sewing space is a corner of the dining table, so I have no choice but to clear things for dinner. If I had a sewing room, I will just close the door and leave the mess as it is 🙂

  • My sewing space is a corner of the dining table so I have no choice but to clear the table for dinner. If I had a sewing room, I will just close the door and leave everything as it is 🙂

  • I took over our guest room several months ago and finally vacated the kitchen table but now I find myself “acquiring” furniture from all parts of the house and making IKEA demand lists for lighting, curtain rods, bins, etc. It definitely tends to look like an elderly hoarder lives in the sewing room…strange piles and stacks everywhere that only make sense to me.

  • Im like you Rachel, all sorting and organised at the start but one prep for one project gets placed to the side as the excitement for another, and then another appears and soon im surrounded by piles of ‘this would be a cool project’ projects and no idea where to start. If only to have a giant boxy wall where we could pigeon hole our plans in neatness!?! 🙂 That jacket on your chair looks colourful and intriguing.

  • Mine looks a lot worse than yours at the minute! I’m normally a little bit tidier, but the pre-Retreat prep made a complete mess of everything, and I haven’t quite organised myself enough to tidy it yet.

  • My little sewing cave goes from pristine condition to OMG in a blink of an eye! One minute like yours it is just as it should be, then there are samples, threads, patterns, and ideas piled around just waiting for the moment in the spotlight! But really, I wouldn’t have it any other way…

  • My sewing room doesn’t exist no more I’m squashed in a corner near the dining table….and what a mess I make….Love your space:)

  • A pig in glorious, fabricky mud – heaven. Creativity isn’t tidy, it requires a certain amount of mess. Your sewing room looks inviting and just the right amount of messiness to clear surfaces, you’re doing fine lass!

  • is this your untidy?? c’mon 🙂
    i too am terribly grateful to have a sewing room…i have a rule though, the sewing space gets a good ‘ol spank after i complete every project. have to start a new project in a clean space but what happens while that project is in progress can be scary.
    i find that having drawers to hold all my bits ‘n pieces helps – dont open the drawers though because all hell breaks loose in those but for the untrained eye, its pretty neat 😉

  • Hi Rachel, Nice to meet you the weekend!! and if this is your mess… that’s my tidy!! 🙂 (and no, wouldn’t dare show you my mess… it’s worse… much worse!!!)

  • Kim

    I love this post! And reading all of the comments 🙂 I tend to tidy up afterwards, but while I’m working on a project its usually like a bomb has exploded! Which is most of the time.. My problem is that I have more fabric than fits in my closets. Your sewing room looks pretty good to me!

  • Erica

    wow you are one lucky lady to have a dedicated sewing room..:) looks awesome, think they look better with a bit of mess thrown around – more character! I have a separate table and corner in the dining room, so I cant complain:) but it does mean that I have to keep it tidy so I don’t annoy the others..;)I’ll keep dreaming about one day having my own sewing room/studio!

  • If that is a picture of your messy room, I might just have to come over there and give you a demonstration of what messy really looks like. Seriously. You can still see the surface of your sewing table, the floor isn’t covered with fabric, patterns and thread. Your books are still in the bookshelf. You don’t know messy darlin! And, no, I am most definitely not going to post a picture of my sewing space, there is a good reason why I call it The Sewing Dungeon.

    • lol, you haven’t seen the back of the room. thats its after I started to tidy lol

  • I have my machines all around my dining room, on the table two sewing machines and one serger. I do have a spare room in my house, but is full of books, my other great hobby. 🙂

  • Mine is far worse! You could propably breake a leg there!

  • Mine is pretty bad, looks like a fabric factory exploded. I keep pulling fabric out saying oh I’ll make this next, or this, or this.

  • Ahhhh, I think a lot of us are messy! It drives my husband nuts because my sewing space is a table in the corner of the living room. It helps if I can manage to work on one project at a time. We are moving next month and I will have my own sewing room, I can’t wait!! I am hoping I can keep it fairly organized (with some help from IKEA).

  • really freaking messy because it’s also my lounge and my kitchen lol

  • I thought that my sewing stuff would be restricted to one room if I had a sewing room. No, not working 🙂 Now I have a sewing room that is so cluttered that I have to cut my pieces and copy patterns in my living room. When my sewing stuff takes over too much of my apartment, I will just pick up all that stuff and toss it in my sewing room. However, that really does not help the mess in my sewing room but at least I can close the door so I don’t have to see it all the time.

  • My sewing room is a total mess! Threads and bits of fabric on the floor. Patterns, unfinished projects and mend jobs on one side of the table.
    Also we have a complete lack of storage room, so everything i want out of the livingroom gets locked away in my sewing room (boehoe!) and never comes uit again. O totally need to declutter my sewing room, it’s on my summer bucket list! 🙂

  • Ahahaha! I’ve just done a big reorganization and bought a storage unit with cubes so I can file things away properly. 🙂 I’m a naturally messy person, so I have to give myself really easy organization systems to keep from being overwhelmed with clutter!