Lady Skater

When Amanda invited me to take part of the blog tour my diary was already super busy for another deadline and we agreed that I would make and post when I could. Having met Amanda in Edinburgh last year, I have got to know more about her. Have you seen her’s fun fabrics for sale? When she started to develop the lady skater for adults saying I was very excited was an understatement.
You know, I love a knit dress. It’s fun and quick to sew. This pattern didn’t disappoint and was a delight to sew. May I say, the “bad ass” instructions was cool. I know it’s a struggle for designers to balance enough information without been repetitive or alienating more experienced sewists.
The  fabric was a gift from Mrs M. It was only 1.2 metre so I needed to be creative on the placement. Size wise, I cut size 4 on the bodice, and 3,5 for the waist and hips. Besides having to add a seam on the back skirt (only take advantage of the fabric size), I didn’t make any alterations. The skirt height is size 1, minus 2 cm. I like the waist placement and the ‘fullness’ of the skirt.
The fabric is a single knit (20% stretch) based on a fabric glossary by Nancy Zieman on her new book: Sew Knits with Confidence. I will be reviewing this book shortly.
I’m so glad Amanda sent me the pattern. I would have bought it anyway. It’s just cool! I’m hoping to make another version with 3/4 sleeves. Oh, and a winter version without a doubt… 
Have you seen Sophie’s? I want to steal hers…. the whole outfit.
In other news, soon I will be showing you my papercut dress you probably seen me wearing in a few snapshots  over the blog and tell you something cool its happening at the end of the month.I have photographed my reversible victoria blazer. The only reason I haven’t blogged it’s that I’m hoping to write some instructions and that takes a bit more time. I have a few fabric purses I made I haven’t blogged yet! 
Oh, one last thing… the weather here in UK is unbelievably warm! I’m loving every minute of it.
  • Rachel, it’s so lovely and you look great in it, what a pretty and flattering dress. I’ll have to add this to my sewing list, now I’ve conquered knits 🙂

  • Love this so much Rachel, this is the first I’ve heard of this pattern so it’s another to add to the ‘to do’ list! Looking stunning as always! x

  • This is so pretty and the fit is absolutely perfect! I just printed the pattern out the other night, but I haven’t put it together yet. I need to get moving!

  • Very pretty dress, it looks fantastic on you.

  • Beautiful Rachel.. Looks fantastic on you.. and really comfortable.Happy sewing.

  • This looks so cute on you! I really like this style of dress, I have a few of these on my sewing list 🙂

  • This is so cute! After seeing both yours and sophie’s version I think I absolutely need a skater dress 🙂

  • Looking gorgeous!! I love this pattern, it seems so easy to wear, a good versatile wardrobe item – yay!

  • Lovely dress! That fabric really suits you and it’s so cute and fun and summery!

  • I’ve not come across this pattern before. It is great, I particularly like the shape of the skirt.

  • That is a lovely dress, so flattering. Another pattern for the wish list! 🙂

  • I think i own that fabric,is it little butterflies? I wasn’t really loving it and it has sat in my stash for ages but i feel you’ve reinspired me to do something with it!

  • So pretty … perfect for summer … Bee xx

  • Looks fabulous on you – I think the 3/4 sleeve version would look great too… then again everything you make does!

  • The dress is absolutely beautiful on you, Rachel 🙂

  • Beautiful:)

  • You look amazing in this!!! You always get such a great fit on your makes.

  • This is gorgeous Rachel, I saw the pattern over at Sophie’s blog yesterday and have already decided I’m buying it! It’s also cool to hear about all your exciting little bits of news and plans!

  • It looks great! I just finished up my version of the pattern and I looove it! It’s such a great basic that can be modified in a million ways, and the fit straight out of the envelope is amazing ♥

  • So pretty! You make such lovely things!

  • One stunning dress on you!

  • Gorgeous dress, Rachel. Great fabric choice and the style really suits you. x

  • This is fabulous! What a rad knit dress 😀

  • It’s beautiful on you – it fits so well!

  • This looks so gorgeous on you! I love it! I’m not a fan of wearing knit dresses, but yours always tempt me so much!

  • I’m loving this dress on you! Knit dresses are so great to throw on in the warm weather! Enjoy it while it lasts!