Placemats for my brother’s NY pad: Card Trick Quilt Block

Hello quilting friends,

During the FQR 2013, I was chatting to these amazing talented ladies and told them although I did loads of quilting and patchwork at home, hardly any got showcased or blogged about it. This placemats were actually sewn during easter at my parents house in Brazil. 
I wanted to make a gift to my handsome brother, and some chic placemats for his 1st home seems like a good idea. Choosing the fabric was hard because I didn’t want to make something too serious either too childish. It is much easier to sew for woman. I found a replica of ‘copacabana’ side walk pavement design and choose to use variations of black, white and orange complementary fabrics.
Facts: Card Trick Quilt block as base of the design. Used the left over triangles for the cutlery runner.
I did wrote a pattern and notes for this project somewhere and as soon as I find it, I will make it available for free download. In the meanwhile do feel free to use it as inspiration.
  • You are woman of many talents! Patchwork or quilting requires so much time and efforts that I’ve no nerve for it. I can only admire people like you who master this craft.

  • Gorgeous.. Great for a fellow…

  • They are lovely, I agree men are harder to sew for. These are perfect 🙂

  • I too love patchworking – all the cutting and piecing together – such a great feeling to puzzle it out. These are just wonderful.

  • Great colours for a guy:) very slick

  • those are fabulous!

  • Very cool set girl! What a fantastic gift – thanks for sharing!

  • Those place mats are really nice. Such a good idea to use the trimmed triangles to make them bigger. I’m glad you’re now blogging about your quilting too!

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