This week musings…

Thank you so much for the great discussion on sewing levels. I really enjoyed reading what you all think and feel about such a complicated topic. I got a great discussion topic for next week, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts about it.

In other news, I’m super productive with many cute outfits to wear in this crazy british summer. The downsize of being very productive it’s that project photos start to become a choir and I’m seriously slacking on my photos. I feel such a bad blogger with the amount of stuff I could be sharing and its just sitting on my computer desktop.  
Currently sewing queue. Vintage finds. Birthday Dress. Reversible Victoria Blazer.
Time is so precious, and it’s an eternal struggle between making something and writing about it. I always want to make something… get side tracked on my ‘wish list’ by your beautiful creations, adding more challenges to my list. In addition, my overused gorilla pod is not gripping well so I’m running the risk of another camera accident any time soon. I cannot break my 3rd camera. It’s bad omen! Recently I started looking for an amateur started kit: Camera, tripod and remote. There are so many opinions and variables out there and I’m very confused to what to buy. Budget is under £350, making “THE” quest almost impossible. If someone has any advice, I would be so happy to hear, either via blog, social media or inbox!
  • Sam

    Oh my goodness, that turquoise and black dress is gorgeous!

  • My Nikon SLR came with a remote & extra battery as a special promotion, so sometimes you can find those 🙂 But it was over £350 🙁

  • Your projects all look so fun!

  • All these teasy glimpses of fabulosity! I hope you get your camera issues sorted soon – they can be pretty stressful when they go baaaad…

  • Kim

    I love the way your Victoria blazer is looking!

  • I’m having the same problem, Rachel!! There are SO many things I want to make! While searching for fabric the other day I came across so many pieces! I had forgotten all about them. So much to do, so little time.

  • Loving the floral blazer is that another victoria? 🙂 I too am thinking tripod and remote… its tough wanting to be both the photographer and the wearer haha. I had my mum out with me today, I think she’s gonna be well trained photographer in the months ahead hahaa me saying this that go there, composition here.. 🙂 any who, good stuff on the productivity side, and very pretty too.