Happy {brazilian} fathers day!

To the person that taught me the value of hard work, the importance of being true to oneself 
and that a loving family is the most treasurable of possessions.
I love you, papai….
  • Is it wrong that I might have a crush on this picture…what a handsome man your father was (and I’m sure still is)! ;o)

    • I love this picture too, it catches a moment… indeed dad is a hunk!

  • Seriously– what a hunk! And you look so cute swaddled up! 🙂

  • That picture is precious!! So is your dad! What values to pass on!!

  • Happy Fathers Day to your dad…
    Love the photo. you really look like your dad..

  • Now we know where your fabulous good looks come from!

    • I saw one picture of him on a national paper on the fashion section in the 70’s… Mum is gorgeous so i think i was lucky that both passed me good genes and a strong education.

  • Haha I’m joining everyone else – your dad was a spunk!

  • Dad and baby pictures are just the best-heart melting! And, I can see where you get your gorgeous cheekbones from!

  • Happy father’s day to your dad, Rachel!! You look so much like him!!