‘Non Sewing’ sewing manias! Oh yes you have!

My sewing ‘room’ in Brazil

Hey friends,

Let me introduce myself: I am a bare foot, loud music, tea drinker, singing out loud sewist! Yes, I have a few ‘non sewing’, sewing habits.
I don’t like to sew wearing shoes. Barefoot on the summer, socks during winter. Not even slippers allowed.
I don’t like to sew in silence and generally the music is playing out loud with my untuned singing voice following along. 
I drink cups and cups of tea while i’m working. I have a huge 500ml mug that gets constantly filled. The only thing is that I hate lukewarm tea. It’s hot or cold, baby!
I don’t like to sew without space, so if there is stuff on the table, will be dropped in the floor till I need it back. I try to behave when sewing with friends.
I have two ‘sewing bins’, one for fabric scraps that go to recycling and another for general rubbish. The bits of fabric I still can use goes on the floor till I finish the project. Then I decide if goes to the recycling bin or scrap box. (Generally only cotton goes to my scrap box)
Now that you know some of my non sewing behaviour while sewing, why don’t you share yours…
  • I’m the same as you. Except on hot days the tea gets substituted for ice cold sparkling water. Sometimes I spend whole Saturdays or Sundays locked up sewing. Then I don’t eat (don’t feel hungry), until I get stuck in some difficult or frustrating part and then a meal becomes a break. What else? Oh, I also love sewing outdoors when I am at my parents’ house in Sweden. Extension cord + garden table = bliss!

    • I’m the same way when it comes to eating and sewing haha. I will sew all day and then later I realized I haven’t eaten a thing!
      Sewing outside sounds fun– wish I had a place where I could do that.

  • I also sew while barefoot and singing (very poorly in my case) to music while I sew. I had back pain for years due to a very long commute combined with a long work day (too much sitting) so I switched to a standing desk at work. Last fall, my husband built me a sewing table at standing height, so I stand to sew.

  • Anonymous

    Ditto on the music and dropping the fabric on the floor from the current project. The cats love my habit.

  • Barefoot summer/socks winter, talk radio- Radio 5live/Radio 4 or sometimes music, tea- lots of, mess despite my best efforts, never a clear surface (again, despite my best efforts), Lottie under the table and in the evening, Mindy (cat) sneaks in too.

  • I fess up I’m the same as you, barefoot, music on singing loudly unless it’s a football day then that goes on the radio instead! Only thing is I’m not really a tea drinker so it’s a huge glass of squash for me! I do like to make a mess too! Not yet tried machine sewing outside but hand sewing and unpicking is a must outside if the weather is nice!

  • I’m pretty much the same, barefoot, loud music always singing along and drinking lots of tea but I’m messy very very messy 🙂
    Your set up by the pool looks like the most perfect place to sew!

  • Oooh, I want to sew poolside in Brazil– perfect! I sew barefoot, too (and usually only half-clothed). My turntable is in the room where I sew, so I like to play my favorite records, although sometimes I get so focused on my sewing that I forget to flip the record! I also like to put on standup comedy so I can laugh while I’m sewing! One of my dogs likes to sleep under my sewing table while I work, which is really comforting. 🙂 I have a bag on the floor next to me where thread bits and tiny scraps go as I work, and I keep a pile of larger scraps next to me in case I need to recut or check tension as I go.

  • Very fun post! I love sewing in my old bunny slippers, drinking iced coffee or tea (hot cools down too fast) and listening to some sort of music! I have a little rolling cart by my sewing table and I throw all the fabric scraps onto the second shelf until it fills up and then I have to decide what to do with them. Love the idea of sewing outside – Must try!!! 🙂

  • Haha 🙂 I am quite the opposite: I cannot listen to the music but I do watch movies or listen to audio-books. For me the latter does not change so abrupt and I like the idea that one story (or a few longer ones) accompanies me along a project.

  • I’m with you on the barefoot sewing. I think it’s because you can finetune how fast or slow on the foot pedal much more easily. I don’t drink tea but I’m the same with coffee and drink buckets of it when I sew 🙂

  • I’m with thewallinna – intersting National Radio, a video I already know, or an audio book every time. I find hearing people speaking more like company 🙂 I drop everything on the floor too. And, I often sew socially, not at home, because I have a lot less time to sew than I want to, so having a date with other people makes me do it.
    I also love sewing outside on holiday. It’s my idea of relaxation so why the heck not!?! 🙂

  • I am an avid music and tea drinker too as accompaniment to the sewing bee’s… My secret and I saw that lladybird recently declared this, a lot of time I end up sewing in my underwear, due to many try on try offs. this means speedy sewing during the winter haha because my sewing sheds not too warm.

  • Yep, got the radio on, the dog is at my feet (or resting his head on my lap, or on a piece of wadding that’s fallen on the floor…), I have to have my room relatively tidy, I can’t work in mess. I don’t notice the time going by so I end up hungry and dehydrated by the time I emerge- not good!

  • Wht a fun post! And you have a great workspace in Brazil! I do drink tea (always lukewarm, haha!), eat chocolate, throw scraps on the floor and, yes, sew barefoot! It gives me more control over the pedal, I guess.

  • Fun post! I mostly sew with slippers or shoes on. I hate bare feet inside for some reasoni, maybe it’s the timber floors, they just aren’t that cosy. I normally have the tv on I’m with MrsC I think I just like the voices in the background. I don’t tend to watch it, it’s just on. All scraps go on the floor until the end when I sort them out.

  • Interesting post 🙂 if I’m sewing clothes for me then I usually wear something that’s easy to take on and off, under wear and a giant T are favourites – can’t be bothered to keep getting dressed/undressed! I tend to wear something on my feet because I have a terrible habit of dropping pins. Earl Grey tea by the bucket load and my family remind me to eat as I get totally absorbed. I don’t tend to have music or tv on I’m using a machine but if I’m hand sewing I have the tv on, something I can listen to but don’t need to watch. I have a 2 bin system too, one for recycling, one for general rubbish. I try to be tidy but have a terrible habit of working on several projects so the sheer volume makes a mess – when I stop for a cuppa I tidy a bit. I have a scrap box for anything that doesn’t go in the bin – I sort it all in the end. Oh, and despite having a craft room (very tiny – that is my excuse!) I also use the table in the dining room and the ironing board is in the family room – totally takes over! 🙂

  • My habits are pretty much the same as yours: lots of tea, music, and even if I have a sewing room now, I keep cutting my fabric in the living room (bigger table). I used to sew barefoot but since the oven repairman told me how dangerous it was, I am trying to kick that habit out.
    That’s such a nice post! Lovely pool by the way…

  • what a lovely post! I’ll be “stealing” this idea on my blog 🙂

  • I also sew barefoot, at the moment its freezing.. I also tend to sew half naked to save having to get undressed every 5 minutes and fit hah. Major weirdo

  • Beautiful view to sew by! Love it! I too like having either loud music or the TV in the background when sewing! It’s very relaxing!

  • Love your outdoor sewing space! Brilliant!! Also a barefoot sewer, watcher of many old detective tv series! PG Tips tea drinker and messy worker 🙂 they don’t call me messy jesse for nothing! 😉

  • I always drink tea while sewing too! And nowadays I plug in my Ipod to my speakers and shuffle the songs when I;m sewing. I rate them on my Ipod so I can easily make a playlist of my favourite tracks.

  • I wear slippers, but then I take the right of to use the pedal. I wish I could watch TV shows while sewing but the machine makes too much noise.