Sewing club in Kent. New members welcome!

Hello fellow stitchers from Kent, 

A while ago I used to run Rochester Burda Sewing Club and was a blast. What did we do exactly? We meet once a month, generally on Saturdays for 4 hours of sewing and chatter.

During that time, we sew our individual projects or/and joint projects, shared knowledge, got help from more experienced sewists  etc.

It’s time for me to start running it again. I been thinking we can have demonstrations of techniques and talks too depending the number of members.

To join or enquire more info, email me. It’s open for dressmakers and quilters!
  • Hi Rachel, I’d like to do something similar in Lecco, the city where I live on the Lake of Como. Can you please give me some informations about this? How does it work, do you just meet to sew together and share knowledges?
    Thank you so much!

    • Since you not the 1st person to ask I will write a blog post about it with tips and details

    • I’ll be watching for that post as well. 😀 It’s wonderful to get creative people in the same room!

  • You have inspired me, I want to have a sewing club! 🙂

  • For anyone who wants to set up a sewing club in Leeds, please tell me! Very inspiring 🙂

  • I’d organise one in reading if anyone was interested? Lovely idea!

    • Hi Sew Little Time. There is a kind of sewing group in Reading – the last Saturday in the month and run by a lovely lady who teaches for New Directions, and its held behind waitrose in Caversham. I learn a wealth of knowledge everytime I go 🙂

  • Hi Sew Little Time. There is a kind of sewing club/class In reading – held the last Saturday of the month, run by a lovely lady who teaches for New Directions. I learn so much every time and its lovely to see what everyone else is working on and get help with fittings.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rachel,
    I live in Rochester and I am very interested, I would love more information, your email link does not work my email is lousstudio(at)gmail(dot)com

  • rosemary higgins

    Hi Rachel, I have been told of your sewing club. Apparently you meet every second sunday of the month. if so is it on this sunday ? Also what will you be sewing and can you email the club address times and any other information.
    kind regards
    Rosemary Higgins