The Brazilian Bombshell

Fabric: I was super scared of not getting the right fabric. Lucky I got in contact with Friedmans Fabrics  (Funky Fabrics) and was sent beautiful samples. I was sold of the high quality and I really recomend their fabrics for not only swimwear but also as workout clothes like Fehr Trade.

I end up choosing this tribal geometric black and white print as it works well with current swimwear trends.The lining was black lycra also from Funky fabrics. I wet my suit and it keeps in shape beautifully. Oh no transparancy either. Score…
Size: UK10, lenghten by 3 cm. I pull the skirt a bit further down for the photos just to give me a bit more coverage.
Will you make it again? I wasn’t sure if I would like a retro look swimsuit on me so I had in mind of making it for my mom. What a joyful surprise to see how lovely it looks on me. I’m in love. Sorry mom, this will go home with me and I will make another one for you.

My biggest worry was the excess coverage of my brazilian assets. No bad.

Tips: If you have tricot zigzag stitch on your machine, use this for this pattern as it gives a beautiful finish.

Conclusion: My sewing skills got a level upgraded.  So proud that I made a swimsuit and I feel like a retro bombshell.

  • Lovely swimsuit Rachel you look great in it – Mr P will not let you out of his sight ha ha

  • Wowza! The swimsuit is perfect for you!! I just love it!!

  • Yeah, this is pretty hot. I’m glad you didn’t do a Brazilian beach hack into a thong, hahaha. LOVE the fabric and your location is PERFECT for your pinup babeliness.

  • Wow! Looking good, Rachel!

  • You look absolutely gorgeous in your new suit! I love the fabric you used, too.

  • i might be drooling.

  • You look absolutely gorgeous in that swimsuit Rachel, a definite bombshell! It looks beautifully made too, really professional work. x

  • pure perfection! you’re rocking the bombshell

  • Gorgeous suit in an incredible fabric. Great job!

  • Beautiful swim suit…..I may have to make this pattern.

  • You look so glamourous and you’ve made it so beautifully 🙂


  • Oh my god, you are such a babe. You look AMAZING – fantastic work!!!

  • omg that is fabulous! if i wasn’t sold on this pattern i am now! HRH must be drooling!

  • I think you chose the exact right fabric for this swimsuit and I love it!

  • Every time I see another Bombshell made up, I’m getting more excited about making my own.

    Yours is amazing! I love the fabric! Well done!

  • It’s beautiful, and you look gorgeous! Excellent choice of fabric.

  • Oh my god you look like a movie star femme fatale. Amazing job!

  • Most perfect blog post title ever! You look fabulous!

  • Most perfect blog post title ever! You look fabulous!

  • This looks so beautiful on you. Mom will have to wait for you to make another. 🙂

  • Oh Rachel, wow! You are every bit the Brazilian Bombshell in this! You look incredible…your swimsuit is such a winner!

  • Amy


  • Wow!!! That is the best bombshell I have seen yet. LOVE IT. You look super amazing in it too.

  • magnificent work, my friend! Love the pattern and you are totally rocking this style!

  • Stunning! I love the modern style fabric paired with the retro design. The cut is so flattering on you! Well done!

  • A Bombshell in every way! You look fantastic. Love it!

  • Absolutely LOVE this print! Perfect pairing of modern and retro – btw I’m dying to be in a swimming pool right now and this post isn’t helping anything 😉

  • love this on you, you look amazing! And don’t get me started on that awesome fabric!

  • Gorgeous, lady! xx

  • so many fabulous things in this post – great swimsuit, great setting, gorgeous dog and gorgeous photo’s. And your Brazillian Assets look fab 😉 I’d be way to scared to sew my own swimsuit!!!

  • You look so good, the suit is gorgeous and the style looks so good on you. Great job.

  • Stunning! look so fabu on you.

  • You look fantastic! Great fabric choice!

  • you look awe-mazing! and thanks for the link to the fabric store – I’ll keep that in mind as they might have supplies for bra making

  • Totally gorgeous!

  • You look awesome in this! Perfect fabric choice and perfect background!!!

  • So cute! You look great! This pattern looks perfect for tropical weather, now to find the fabric…!

  • So cute! You look great and this fits you so well! Now to find some swimsuit fabric of my own…!

  • Sooooooooo gorgeous!!! Love it 🙂

  • As absolutely beautiful as I knew it would be on you. Hot stuff! And coolest fabric!!

  • Kim

    Gorgeous Bombshell! I really like the geometric print fabric 🙂 Have a great holiday!

  • Absolutely stunning! It is such a perfect shape for you. Ànd great to see the same fabric used in completely different ways 🙂

  • Absolutely gorgeous! You totally suit the retro style and I love the fabric. I wish I’d had time to make this before we ran out of summer.

  • Oh, wow! I´m not into retro swimsuits at all, a bikini girl me, but after seeing how this looks on you, I´m have to rethink the situation. You look gorgeus!

  • babe babe babe beauty 🙂 love the print

  • Your bombshell is to. die. for. And you look sizzling hoooot!

  • Wow! Bombshell indeed. I’ve been on the fence about making this, might have to bring it to the top of the list!

  • So fabulous – it’s like an uber short sexy minidress on you!

  • Beautiful suit and beautiful pictures! Well done.

  • Love your fabric choice and you look fantastic! I have so little need for another swimming costume but every version convinces me that little bit more…

  • Oohh, I really like the print! Great suit!

  • You ARE a retro bombshell!

  • STUNNING!!!! This is perfect, Rachel!! The perfect thing to model, at home in Brasil!!

  • You look spectacular, Rachel! Great job!

  • this looks amazing on you! i love how it looks great on so many shapes and sizes. fantastic!

  • Kat

    Wowser! You look stunning. What an awesome print too. I really want to make this but I’m having trouble finding a material I love.

  • Oh Rachel, this is beautiful! You look great in it!!

  • Gorgeous swimsuit Rachel. It suits you to a T and you look beautiful in it!! I love the bombshell swimsuit, it seems to look good on everybody.

  • Stunning, the shape suits you beautifully! Covered and revealed in must the right amounts!

  • Your swimsuit looks absolutely fabulous and it suits you so well, especially wirh that special print! You can be really proud of yourself and I’m sure your mother is already excited to get hers!

  • Not only am I dying over your swimsuit, I’m dying over your yard! Do you think your parents would want to adopt me? haha

  • Stunning Rachel! Love the print on the fabric and you have a body to die for. xx

  • Rachel – this is simply awesome. You look stunning! The bombshell was MADE for you!

  • Just stunning as always Rach. Great fabric find! It’s perfect for you!