• Cute, cute, cute, cute!!!!!

    • thanks.. after enquiring about whenever to keep or not the welt pockets, I’m thinking make them fake.

  • Just what Rhonda said!

  • Cute and perfect on you!

  • They’re looking so cute! This pattern is so adorable – I have it cut out and the fabric ready but the weather has been fall-like here in Boston and I can’t get myself to make any more summer clothes!

  • Anonymous

    Those look cute – looking forward to seeing them in your final fabric!

  • Those are adorable! Cutest muslin ever.

  • How cute are they?! They would be lovely for winter (although I still don’t know if I like that look on me – in the same boat as sleeveless polonecks i.e. confusing!) 🙂

  • Hi Rachel – I’ve awarded you the ‘Super Sweet Award’ – hope this is ok – you can find out all about it in the 6 August post on my blog.

  • What a great fit and style on you!

  • Oh wow, those are beautiful! I LOVE the scallops!

  • So cute Rachel.. Can’t wait to se them

  • What a great fit. I need to get into to making ore muslims / toiles to get the fit of the garment right before making up in my selected fabric. Mega ice-cream cute shorts!!

  • These are really sweet, I love a decent pair of shorts. Looking forward to seeing what fashion fabric you pick.

  • I’ve really been liking the patterns from Pattern Runway and think I might give these a go. I loved your comment about in wool with tights… or suede or leather!

  • Those shorts look amazing! love the shell hem, so original … looking forward to see the final product!

  • Gorgeous! Having made these about a year ago, I can honestly say they’re pretty fabulous – and yeah, making those welts fake is the way to go. And I absolutely vote wool to be worn with tights 🙂

  • ooo these look so super summery and gorgeous