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Today I want to introduce a lovely friend of mine, Jenny! We have been working together to improve my website for a few months. It’s going to look awesome. Cannot wait to share with you. This is only one of her many talents… 

Studio Classes - Workroom Social • Sewing Instruction and Inspiration • Brooklyn Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background? How long have you been sewing?

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I live and work in Brooklyn, NY. I love dogs, group singing, and making new friends. I also really like candy. Really really like candy. Like many of you I have been a longtime sewing enthusiast. I taught myself how to sew when I was about 15 years old in an independent study class in high school. When I first started I made ugly clothes but pretty quilts. When I think back to my early days of learning how to sew, I can’t remember where I got the idea from. No one in my family sews, none of my friends sewed, and Project Runway hadn’t been invented. However, I do remember a very special teacher going out of her way to find me a sewing machine to learn on. I used that borrowed machine for a year before my mom bought me one of my own. Thank goodness for those special teachers who really go above and beyond for their students! Jennifer Wiese - Workroom Social • Sewing Instruction and Inspiration • Brooklyn How the idea of starting a sewing as a day job started? and why?

In 2010 I left my job as a film marketer with no real plan in mind. All I knew was that I was unhappy at work and that I wanted to do something more creative. More specifically, I wanted to use my hands for something other than typing emails. For the next year I worked random jobs and in my free time I took some sewing classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC just for fun. I learned so much, and with some encouragement from friends, I decided to go full-time into self-employment. I completed the Patternmaking Certificate program at FIT, took a small business course, and founded Workroom Social. When I started Workroom Social I was focused on doing contract work including small run production and samplemaking. I was also teaching in my spare time and loving it! After talking to more and more hobby sewers, I realized how different industry techniques are from those that home sewers use. My inner camp counselor saw a great opportunity to follow my passion for teaching and my love of connecting with new people by bringing the skills and techniques that professional makers use to hobbyists. Interview with House of Pinheiro - Workroom Social • Sewing Instruction and Inspiration • Brooklyn Can you give my readers an insight into a typical day in your studio? What does it look like behind the scenes. I wish I had a typical day! It’s something I’m working on constantly. I find I’m the most productive when my days are very structured, but as of late, my work days have been a chaoticmess. There’s never enough hours in the day! My first priority right now is the promotion of Workroom Social’s fall classes. For the past year I’ve been teaching private workshops and hosting group classes on a referral basis only. I used the last year as kind of a trial period to perfect the work studio. I’m excited that our testing phase is done and we are ready for students! During the day I’m usually making samples for classes, working on the Workroom Social Sewing Guide, a booklet for students to use both in class and at home, developing new class curriculums, or working on marketing efforts for the studio. When I first started Workroom Social, I never would have guessed how much of my time would be devoted to marketing! I also try to spend a little bit of time each day to working on items for my blog. I never blogged before opening the studio, and kudos to all the sewing bloggers out there, because I did not know how much work blogging is! I must say though, my love for sewing goes head-to-head with my love for computers and the Internet. (I’ve also been a web programmer since high school. Who knew?) Studio Classes - Workroom Social • Sewing Instruction and Inspiration • Brooklyn What people can expect from your classes?
People can expect two main things from classes at Workroom Social.
  1. To learn skills and techniques that real professionals use to make things.
  2. A fun, social experience in an inspiring workspace.

At Workroom Social we specialize in teaching adult learners in a casual environment, and it’s our goal to provide students with the knowledge needed to continue their craft at home. Our teachers are professional designers and makers who love sharing their talent and experience with new people. In addition to learning, I really want students in our classes to have a great time. I think of our two-day intensives as events or mini-vacations from daily life. The days are filled with activity, snacks, music, and socializing. We end each day with cocktails while we clean up, and my favorite part of the weekend is our photo booth session at the end where students can take pictures with their completed projects and their new friends. Interview with House of Pinheiro - Workroom Social • Sewing Instruction and Inspiration • Brooklyn What is your absolute most favourite item of clothing you’ve sewn?

My favorite item of clothing that I’ve sewn is my wedding dress. Even though I was excited to marry my (now) husband, I’ve never been much for wedding culture. Having a me-made dress added another level of specialness to my wedding.

Do you have any absolute fashion disasters / faux pas that you’ve sewn? I am definitely not a perfect sewer. I mess up quite often, but it’s usually because I’m trying something new or different. I’m using a fabric that I’m not used to or trying a new technique. I’m testing an idea that I’m not sure will work. I think the more disasters you have, the more opportunities for learning. Personally my worst mistakes are usually in fabric choices. I have a bad tendency to buy fabrics that I like to look at but that don’t look good on me. I actually made three Sewaholic Pendrells this spring, all from fabrics that are hideous on me. Sadly, I think the shape of the Pendrell doesn’t work well on me either. Fashion disaster times three! I never blogged any of the tops, though maybe I will one day… What’s next for you? I have something big and exciting planned for Workroom Social, and it may bring us face-to-face with you! Where is that exactly? Well, the wheres and whats are bit of a secret for now while we’re still developing the idea, but I’m hoping to announce our plans this September. Want to be the first to know? Join our mailing list for updates. Jennifer Wiese - Workroom Social • Sewing Instruction and Inspiration • Brooklyn Photography by: Esvy Photography courtesy of Workroom Social

  • Yay! Jennifer is so sweet– I’m glad you guys have been working together!

  • Ooh! Exciting! I wish I lived in New York! Sewing lessons and Mood Fabrics would be awesome…! Can’t wait to see the new website!

  • Great interview!!! I can’t wait to check out Workroom Social!! It’s practically right in my backyard!

    Jen, if you’re reading this, I have already planned lots of fall lunch dates for us ;o)

  • Awesome, always great to ‘meet’ new people, thanks for sharing her with us!

  • Is that a handmade dress and if yes, is it self drafted?