Hand Quilting…

Hello friends,
Since starting sewing back in 2009, I been avoiding hand sewing at all costs to have my projects finished as soon as possible. Recently, having found great joy in embroidery and EPPing (English Paper Piecing), I’m draw to hand sewing. Maybe because my busy life style is catching up on me and I feel a strong need to slow down. I’m dreaming of sitting on my sofa, drinking a glass of sherry, quilting while watching Downton Abbey. 
Let’s talk about this project. 
Don’t you love the hand painted illustrations? While I was in Brazil, WholePort contacted me as ask If I would take part of their craft club. I was considering turning down before I checked them out because what possibly more fabric I need. Then I checked them out! Oh, I couldn’t say no. 
They have a lovely selection of things I love: sewing, baking, embroidery, and things I haven’t try like soap making and jewellery. Best of all, they allow me to host giveaways from the club goodies. How fun it’s that!

I really want to sew from what was sent: 4 Hand painted pre cut illustrations and a metre of soft cotton. Find the details under my club profile.

The design was a bit of ‘let’s try this as I go along’. I know quilts look it’s best when they are carefully planned but It was so fun just have a few extra FQ scraps cut into 2,5″ and just build a design around the pre cut shapes. It end up following the essence of a log cabin. I used the left over ‘letter cotton’ as my backing. 
I don’t know when I will finish this project because I don’t have an specify recipient in mind,  My only goal is to enjoy quilting it by hand on those cold evenings ahead.
What is your favourite portable activity?
  • Loving your quilt! I’ve always loved stuff I can do in front of the tv, which is why I didn’t really sew for a long time… My favorite thing to carry with me is my tatting (see some examples: http://virike.blogspot.fr/search/label/tatting), because it require’s only small amount of thread and everything is very small, so it doesn’t really add to the stuff I’m carrying.

  • What a lovely project! I haven’t done any hand-quilting (only by machine), but I recently hand-embroidered a monogram on knee socks for my daughter … http://www.handiworking.com/2013/09/one-stitch-at-time.html
    And I love to knit and crochet for take along projects. Have a wonderful day!

  • The quilt is really cute! I can’t say that I have a portable activity these days, since I myself am not so portable. Some day I hope to reacquaint myself with knitting…

  • Kim

    Super cute! I’m in love with the balloon dachshund! My favourite portable activity is knitting πŸ™‚ during lunchbreaks, on the train, in the car, everywhere!

  • Those hand painted panels are really amazing! I love the idea of using those for a quilt, or pillows, or anything around the house! Love! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • What a fabulous project . The panels are gorgeous especially the dog!

  • That mini couch – is that a pincushion?!?! If if is, then it is adorable!!
    The print on this quilt is just so sweet – looking forward to seeing the finished result!

  • How cute are those hand painted panels!!
    Not all quilts need planning ahead, I think sometimes when we make it up as we go turn they can turn out to be fabulous quilts. Enjoy sitting under it while you hand quilt – so cozy and warm πŸ™‚

  • Those painted panels are super adorable πŸ™‚

  • This is so cute! I love it! I’ve just gotten back into knitting for the first time in years– I’ve been really tired coming home from work, so it’s been nice to be able to relax and do a little knitting at the end of a long day.

  • Kay

    This is stunning. I love hand sewing and especially EPP as I find it so relaxing.

  • JB

    Lovely! Although I love to make quilts, crochet it my go to portable activity. I really want to have a go at EPP though after seeing some amazing hexagon quilts recently.

  • Your quilt is gorgeous. Those are beautiful fabrics πŸ™‚

  • The quilt is amazing! I love that block with the door!!
    I’d say epp or cross stitch, but truthfully I always forget to take it out the door with me!

  • Love the quilt! And that little chair (pin cushion?) is sooo cute too