Will social media eventually kill blogs?

Hello my friends,
For a while the subject of how social media is changing the way blogs exist and how our interactions will be in the future are constantly on my mind. Before I started this blog, I used sew weekly forum as my main venue to meet and chat with others with the same interests and passion: Making things and using creativity. One year after joining the forum, I met some sewing friends in real life that encouraged me to start my own. This was my first ever post and got a surprising 70 hit that day. 
At the time as an avid reader of various main stream blogs I noticed there was a lot more ‘conversation’ tone and day to day chatter. Social media like twitter and IG weren’t widely used so comments on blog post were the only way for a two way conversation.  
Nowadays blogs often have a magazine format and conversations are left to social media. There is a notable shift on blog communication, where there are a lot less comments on the particular blog post but a lot more interaction, chatting and referrals via social media. 
Where before someone would need a blog to showcase their makes, these days social media full fill that space without the pressure and/or fear to have to constantly write. Anyone can interact by just sharing a picture or commenting under 140 characters. Blog readers had became less effective and can be a lot easier to comment and interact using those alternative venues. 
Personally, as I read my blog list (800 and counting) on the go {waiting at the kettle to boil water for tea, sorting stuff etc} and mostly on the phone where catpcha makes it impossible task, I hardly manage to comment.  Even a reply on my own blog. However if you twit or instagram me, I  can answer immediately due the facility for interaction. 
I absolutely love reading blogs, and I hope they continue to co-exhist with this fast changing world.

For my blog, I hope to continue to share interesting steps of my creative journey for a long time.

How about you? How do you see social media changing our blogsphere?
  • I love your blog and I agree with you. I have no time sometimes to sit for more than an hour uploading images and writing an interesting story that will be good enough to get somebody interested to come and visit. I love blogs and I hope they don’t fade away with time.
    I hope you keep yours because inspires so many out there including me.
    All the best and keep up the good sew!!!!!

  • I too find it difficult to comment when reading on my phone or iPad, unfortunately. But you are right, instagram comments on the phone are super easy. I do think that so much more information can be shared through blogging that I don’t see blogging going anywhere. It is nice to have many options 🙂

  • Intetesting thoughts… I hate catpcha not obly on the phone and I try to comment but it’s an hard task 🙂
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper.blogspot.it

  • i’m totally a blog person, not really into all that social media stuff.. i do own a facebook account (but i keep it pretty low key.. and i hate it big time), and that’s about it..
    but blogs i like.. can’t imagine my morning without a cup of coffee and reading crazy amounts of blog posts on my bloglovin account.. but.. yeah, i catch your drift, who really knows whats gonna happen to blogs, i mean 15 years ago they didn’t exist, and i sooo can’t imagine what gonna happen to them in next 15 years

  • Funny you post this because I was just thinking about it. Ever since I joined Instagram, I have blogged about my creations less and resorted to sharing them there. I rarely comment on blogs from my phone because it’s still such a pain, but Instagram makes commenting and chatting much faster and more visible. I think blogs are important for sharing techniques and reviews about patterns, so I think they will stick around for sewists anyway. It’s still the only forum to post photos of a garment from all angles!

    • Agree with you on this, but I hope you don’t stop posting on your blog entirely! I love seeing a project on Instagram and then going to a blog to see more details and info, and more photos. But I LOVE Instagram for catching up on projects quickly (although when will they introduce clickable links??)

  • landgirl

    God I think they are so different. I tend to read via bloglovin, which is not perfect but it’s ok. I am very picky about what i actually read, eg I will look over all the blogs each day but only read a few in detail. I notice I am really content oriented rather – I love blogs that use tutorials for example or have a research base for their writing. I don’t really care about blog frequency and I very rarely leave comments, that’s not what it’s about for me, I am an avid reader though, an am drawn to some bloggers just because I like how funny they are. My general lack of interest in interacting i hope is not taken as a lack of respect.

  • sandesh

    I really hope not. I love blogs and am addicted to my daily hit on bloglovin to see what all the creative sewists out there are up too. The inspiration and help that you and others have given my own sewing has been immense. Please keep it up!!

  • I really cannot imagine blogs not existing! I just cannot see getting the information that I enjoy getting from blogs from the other options. I’m not sure I would really pay much attention if blogs went away.

  • I blog but my blog is tiny compared to ones like this. I follow (and read most of) 150 blogs. I struggle to comment with disqus so on blogs that use that I often tweet a comment. I tend to comment on smaller blogs or when I know the person or they have had issues or sound uncertain about a garment that I like. If there are 70 comments already I don’t have time to read them all to see if I can add anything new so I don’t usually bother.

    .I love it when people comment on my blog – it really makes the effort it takes seem worthwhile. While I love the immediacy and conversation on twitter I don’t think it would have started me sewing like blogs did. Would love to think my blog could inspire someone to give it a try!

    I like the new new blogger interface like you have have here where your details are saved. More likely to comment if I don’t have to retype details!

    • So agree with all you have written and sums up how I behave! I like reading very small blogs as well and commenting feels supportive

    • Yes me too! Particularly about commenting on ‘smaller’ blogs. I’m a little blogger too, and it just seems so much more personal. Agree that for ‘bigger’ blogs, social media often seems the more personal way to interact

  • I still read blogs while at work, but don’t always have time to comment due to captchas. Also, when reading on the go, I don’t comment. I comment more on Twitter and IG cos it’s quicker to hit “post” and “send”. I’ve found a lot of my fav bloggers share their posts via Facebook, and I seem to be more inclined to comment there than on the post itself. Just quicker I guess.

  • I often wonder: If I could only do one, would I chose Twitter or blogs? It’s a pretty close tie for me… Twitter for me is where blog acquaintances become real friends. It’s where we dish out the honest truth, instead of a slightly manicured blog that makes life and sewing look perfect! On the other hand, blogging allows a lot more detail, and a more permanent record of each person’s progress and accomplishments. I think together they are a great balance!

  • Having a blog is a lot of work, and I just started, so I hope blogs don’t die! I hope the social network doesn’t kill blogs. I like going to blogs and reading about the whole process. I do follow people on instragram and I like the pictures, but I want the story as well. After I see a picture on Instagram, I usually go on their blog to see if they posted anything on it.

  • It’s something that has been playing on my mind too, and really have noticed a huge change in communication on blogs vs social media. I think because we are all so time poor these days, commenting on such social media platforms as IG Facebook Twitter and now google plus seems quicker and easier, I hope blogs don’t fade away, but I do feel a shift is starting to happen where social media acts as primary and blog second to that

  • Blogs seem to have the detail I want as a sewer. Twitter provides the chat that goes with it. Instagram doesn’t like me so I’m at a loss here.

  • I love the blogs and reading them when I can, but I also love the simple IG updates/progress shots:)
    Saying that I love when people comment on my blog, is very different to just a ‘like’on IG, and makes me feel like they have read my entire post and appreciate my garments:) and I feel like the same way about commenting on other’s blogs.. special 😉

  • I prefer blogs over social media and hope they continue to exist in the current format for a while yet. I have noticed that comments on my blog are far less than they were. In the two years I’ve been blogging, I’ve seen a shift in comments, from blogs to social media, but I prefer to leave my comments on the blog itself. When I do leave a comment on social media, it’s usually very short, as opposed to a sometimes lengthy comment I might leave on a blog.

  • I hope blogs continue as well as it’s my favourite form of communication both outgiong (my blog) and incoming (reading other’s blogs). But, I have noticed, like you, that folks are commenting less on the blogs and only respond quickly on twitter or instagram. I would much prefer folks to comment and interact on my blog as this is a more permanent and personal record of history for me. Flippant comments left on twitter are forgotten 3 seconds later. I have also found that there seems to be a bit of politics with the blog. For instance, if somebody'[s blog becomes too popular, i.e., too many people are commenting, then certain folks will stop commenting. Or vice versa if somebodys’ blog isn’t as popular, than certain people may comment. I find this odd. I comment because I enjoy the interaction and the learning experience and just complimenting folks. I am not a fan of the politics at all and am trying my best to ignore much of it.

  • It’s an interesting thought but to me these two things go hand in hand.

    I tend to use my blog only for a finished product. I’ll write about what I went through, what the fabric was like, what I did with the pattern etc but it’s all very one way. Even comments on the blog are never really conversations. So I understand what you mean about blogs being very static.

    However social media has a lot of different facets to it. You can ask questions when you stumble, you can share links/tips/tutorials, you can create friendships and more. It also has the immediacy of being able to share what you’re making/what you’ve made with the click of a button.

    I think it comes down to what kind of community is using the platform and really the sewing community could never be without blogs. We wouldn’t be able to really engage with other people’s makes by one photograph alone. We wouldn’t know how people hacked patterns or frankenpatterned things to create a better fit or knock off a certain design.

    There’s no fear here for me. The two go hand in hand and I couldn’t be without either.

  • I try and put a lot into my blog & my social media as my blog persona, but I often don’t have enough time! Maybe it’s Mama Life taking over, or maybe I feel a little ‘old’ for the way it’s all go go go in the sewing world right now (with new patterns, fabrics, fashion changing etc) … there used to be a lot more novice types and now everyone is a professional! xoxoxo to you (always in my blogroll/bloglovin reader!) xoxo

  • I think Captcha has a lot of do with it even on the computer not just phones. So many times I can’t read the stupid letters and keep trying over and over until I just give up and don’t bother. Makes commenting on blogs too much hard work.

    Also because many blogs have different systems for commenting now an you have to log in and out of various accounts or type your details up every time you comment. It is so much quicker and easier to just comment on Facebook or tweet someone instead.

  • I’m all about reading blogs – I find it really hard to have enough time for social media as well, just not enough hours in the day! My online time is kinda piecemeal these days, so I often have multiple tabs open on my browser with blog posts I’m wanting to read / in the middle of reading / have read and want to comment on. And it can take me a week or so to even finish writing a blog post these days. So yeah, blogs suit me better at the moment. 🙂

    (I do wonder how much I miss out at not being on Twitter and/or Instagram with the social sewing though….)

  • Hey Rachel, really interesting post. I think hobby topics like sewing are where blogging really comes into its own. Sewing is big enough to be a community, but small enough not to be subsumed by advertising and corporate efforts, like music and fashion blogs often seem to be. Blogging has been around for years now and evolved massively. Most of the diary/personal type blogs from the 90s and early 2000s were killed off by social media, and professional blog-type website have subsumed a lot of the tech/journalism type blogs.

    I really like the fact that people’s sewing blogs give a concentrated view of what they make and their personality, and then I love social media as an extension of that. I also use different social media channels really differently – have a lot of sewing friends on Twitter and Instagram, but use Facebook mainly for IRL friends and family. I do read blogs more and more on my phone using the the Newsify app, especially since they killed off Google Reader 🙁 But agree that commenting on your phone is a nightmare.

    I tend not to comment on blogs unless they are a discussion type post like this, or if I really really love a project someone has made. Fashion blog comments have died a death, they are nearly all of the ‘OMG love this so cute!’ variety with a link to the commenter’s own blog at the end. Would hate to see sewing comments going the same way, I can’t see it happening though.

  • I have wondered this a bit – and been despairing over keeping up with all my blogs in my reader with comments. Personally I’m not so keen on social media – I’m just not so keen on being welded to my phone. It will be interesting to see how things go in the future though! I’m sure I will have to catch up!

  • I like to keep my sewing life separate from friends and family, so I wouldn’t dream of posting photos of my makes on Facebook. My children wouldn’t like it, and some of my male friends would be amazed!

  • I keep my sewing life separate from facebook; my children wouldn’t like photos of my makes and my male friends would be amazed. Surely it’s oversharing to assume everyone you know is interested.

  • interesting topic. I hope sewing blogs continue for some of the reasons mentioned above. the detail and technical info that bloggers share are so interesting to me and I appreciate the writing. To me blog posts are like mini-magazine articles. I don’t use Instagram or Twitter,I decided that they would be a drain on my time and prefer to concentrate on sewing instead with periodic blog posts. The learning opportunity on a blog post is what I am always looking for. As for commenting, lately I have seen a few mentions of difficulty on commenting. I use my laptop (mostly) or Ipad and don’t see any issues with commenting. I don’t look at blog posts on my Iphone – the photos are way too tiny for me to see anything.
    So I hope all the bloggers out there continue with the great information!
    As for social sewing, entirely because of my blog and reading others I have met a fantastic group of N. Calif. bloggers and we get together in person to meet and chat, so that provides my sewing social fix.

  • I think it’s really interesting that you differentiate between blogs and social media, since I think of them as part of the same thing. I hope they will coexist and become more connected since there are limits to social media – 140 characters is too short for a tutorial or meaningful writing. Right now I feel like there are too many things that are not connected for me to really keep up with my blog + instagram + twitter + facebook…

  • Really interesting discussion topic Rachel! I don’t think I’ve much to add, agreeing with others about how hard it is to comment by phone ( particularly my current one ) I’m hoping to get into Instagram when I get a better phone, but for now technology and mobile reception during work limit me so it’s interesting to read how social media is being used but like Clio above I do wonder how I’d find the time to keep on top of everything AND sew as well!!

  • Great topic! I don’t think I’ve much to add, and it’s reassuring to read that it’s not just my rubbish phone that makes it difficult to comment on blogs!! When I get a better phone I hope to get going with Instagram as well, but am currently limited by mobile technology and the signal reception / lack of useable wifi during my working day ( which is good since I could be sooo distracted from what I’m there to do!). I agree with Clio too – I do worry how I’d keep on top of everything AND have time to sew as well…

  • So interesting! Thanks for posting, Rachel. I work on content strategy on the web for a living, so this is in my professional domain, too. I read a research study recently that proved social media was killing brands. The research showed that people don’t really develop relationships with brands via social media, and since so much interaction is moving that way, it means less brand awareness overall.

    Bloggers aren’t exactly brands, but in a lot of ways they are. The idea is that it’s difficult to develop deep relationships with people or brands online via social media. The conversation is too short, and often times more about what you’re giving the user (too one-sided). Take a conversation like this one for example! I keep reading blogs because I feel like I’ve developed a relationship with the people creating them (even virtually), beyond just seeing their makes!

  • Interesting question! I find the blog makes a very useful diary of what I’ve sewed and what worked and didn’t work about it. Social media doesn’t do that at all. So for me it won’t replace blogging even if people stop reading blogs!

  • It’s so funny you post this because I’ve been thinking a lot about it myself! I find posting to multiple platforms (blog, flickr, burdastyle, kollabora, IG etc.) sometimes exhausting, and I wonder if people get annoyed by the double-ups. I’ve been considering how I want to share my content and I like platforms that are easier to communicate on (like IG), but I guess everyone has different ways they like to interact – just as these comments are proving!

  • Interesting queston. I think there’ll always be a place for blogs. Since sewing involves being aware from social media for long stretches, blogs are an easier way to keep up with other sewists. I started my blog after interacting with people on twitter so I could have place to keep all my projects and follow my progress. I love reading them too – some are so well written (and hilarious) and a blog search will provide loads of advice for a particular project I may be working on that has been tackled before.