#Brasiliadress, more progress…


We got 40 testers. Ok, you can tell I have a hard time saying “no”. Honestly, as grading it’s such an important part I really wanted loads of  different body shapes and  people with diverse technical abilities to be able to test it so when its available FREE, we know is a good solid pattern. I sent an email out with details and fabric requirements so If you commented and I replied “yes” but haven’t got my email, let me know.

Making a pattern is hard work…

You got to shop for fabric samples…

{ Check out Claire’s amazing bag made with Novita’s  free pattern}
Plot ideas, details, instructions over lunch…

And go back to more work at HOP headquarters( my sewing room}with loads of tea breaks (with cake of course}

Keep you posted. In the meanwhile sewing its taking a break for a while.

  • Thanks for a fab day hun – your home town is v. cool, and lunch was yummy 🙂 Plus, the Brasilia Dress pattern is gonna be so great (can’t wait to get it all digitised for you!)

  • Oh, P.S. My bag – I enlarged by an extra 50% from Novita’s pattern to get the size you see in your photo above 🙂

    • I just printed and realised that. LOL Gotta re printed again. Really want to make this bag

  • Ups, I’ve said yes but I haven’t got your mail. My address is elenaknits (at) gmail (dot) com

  • what a lovely day!

  • Can’t wait! I’m choosing my dress fabric at the moment 😉
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

  • I’m currently in the middle of pattern formatting hell and wondering how on earth you make it look so much fun! xx

  • I’m so excited to see 40 versions of this dress! Can’t wait!

  • I did not get your email either 🙁

    ckirby (at) clkdesigns.co.uk

  • Looks exciting! Can’t wait to see xx

  • I said yes but didn’t get the mail! green at gmail dot com

    • I have emailed you a few times and it keeps returning. Can you email me? houseofpinheiro at homail dot com

  • I haven’t gotten an email yet, zassha at comcast dot net. Can’t wait!!!

  • Anonymous

    Please can you share which fabric shop you were at? Looks like it has a good selection of fabrics! Thanks