#Dakotasewalong, Join us!

Hello gorgeous friends,
Ever since I introduced you to Named, we all been very excited to see some of their designs sewn. Having made the delicious Reese wraparound skirt not long ago I couldn’t wait to sew some more. 
One of the main concerns about Named line is the lack of visual instructions. Since making the reese I been receiving loads of emails about sharing step by step instructions of projects I sewn from their line.
For a while I have admired Marie’s beautifully made outfits and chatting over twitter a plan was drafted.
Sew-along People!!!! And it includes some really awesome people helping out. The Named girls will drop by to help on trickiest techniques, Vicki{Minerva Crafts} will share precious fabrics suggestions, Lauren{Lladybird} a.k.a our knit fabric expert on duty, and Alana{Lazy Stitching} our grading/pattern hack extraordiner .

Together, we be sewing up the Dakota Dress! And of course, you are our especial guest.

Need more details to get ready? Here is our schedule with all the fun we have lined up. 

Social bees as we, we want to connect with our sew-alongers.

 #dakotasewalong @HouseOFPinheiro & @StitchOdyssey.

Use our Flickr Group to share your pictures and help each other with any fitting woes or difficulties. We will try our best to keep on top of any questions both here and on the blog.

We will be sharing inspiration Pinterest

Those code-grabbing buttons!

House of Pinheiro: Dakota Sew Along
House of Pinheiro: Dakota Sew Along

Are you in?

  • This sounds like so much fun!

  • This sounds awesome! Their patterns are very beautiful!

  • Hi! I’ve already made the pattern so I’ll be following along and learning about all the things I probably messed up in the process 🙂 Can’t wait to see all the different versions! It’s a lovely pattern – maybe I’ll make a second with you guys

  • ooo! i bought this pattern a few weeks ago but haven’t made it – and i’m glad! now i have a sewalong to follow and help me. thank you!

  • Oh f**k it, I’m in!

  • This is so cool! I’m really doubtful that I can squeeze it in (my patternmaking class is sucking up all my sewing time, sob), but I really love this dress and can’t wait to see what you guys make!

    • You can always make the dress after when you have the time. I bet your classes are amazing…

  • Wow this looks like a fantastic sew along, not sure the pattern is right for me though!

  • I’m doing mine ! The collar assembly was awful and I felt so alone, I wish I could share with you girls ! I’ve just made the cuffs, should I wait for you and publish some steps at the same time ? Rachel, if you are agree, I won’t show the entire part of my dress until the sleeves step.

  • Really cool jacket! Wish I had time to join your sewalong but I’m doing the Emery Dress and Red Velvet Dress sewalongs! I’ll definitely check back to see what’s happening with it though. Looks like a pattern to add to my project pile.

    • Have fun, the good thing about a sew along is that you can join at any time.

  • I’m a newbie sewist so it would be good for me to join the sewalong, but I’m not sure on the difficulty level of the pattern. I’ve only made the sorbetto. Will the pattern be easy to follow?

    • Hi Naheema, the pattern is intermediate. We will be sharing all the trickiest part but the basics won’t be detailed so there is a small amount of knowledge assumed. My advice it’s to follow with a cheap fabric that allow you to understand the process. In the way we can help you with queries on the Flickr group where you can post photos and questions. Once you happy with your muslin you will be a lot more confident to sew with a nicer fabric,

    • Thank you. I may do that.

  • Anonymous

    I want to do it so badly! The dress is gorgeous!

    Sara Coutinho Soares