Named Reese Wraparound

Pattern: Reese wraparound skirt from Named. They were interviewed here while ago.
Fabric: This viscose from Minerva, sold as a kit here.

Size: It was made on size “40”. This pattern is to very true to size. Fitted perfectly without any alteration. They draft for 5ft8′. Being 6ft the pattern height was perfect. If you are shorter you may want to change the length.

Having a blast making this project in an understatement. Sometimes the simplest projects can bring the most satisfaction, specially if you are feeling run down. Notice a similarity from my latest project? Graphic fabric! I am obsessed by windowpane prints at the moment. 
Reminder about Named Patterns:

They are a PDFs  based company and sell their patterns by pairs, varying from UK sizes 6 – 16.  Unfortunately for me, my top and bottom fits different pairing.

They not only need to be taped but they need to be traced. I personally don’t mind tracing as I don’t like working on printer paper weight patterns. I like to tissue fit my patterns.
If you get overwhelmed by a lot of paper to tape; Colette’s zinnia anyone? (77 pages… WTF).
The Reene wraparound skirt only have 9 pages.  Not complicated to assemble as they are numbered on the bottom right hand side of each sheet.

If you don’t like tracing you can away by tracing only the front pattern and just cut the rest of out of the printed paper. There is only 4 pattern pieces. Hurray for simplicity.

Patterns have seam allowance. I personally love it but I understand it can get loads of people confused.

This pattern is design for a beginner sewists and took me less than 2,5 hours to make from printing/taping to finish. There has been a lot of talk about Named lack of visual illustrations. The slightly negative is that visual learners would find it scary. don’t follow instructions very often but I would feel the same if it was a more complex pattern. You wont need it for this, trust me!
The fabric was originally picked for the Anna dress because I love how it drapes. No need to fret  and get jealous of everyone’s Anna  leg/thigh slip.
Sewing Tips:

When measuring the pattern remember you have to subtract the seam allowance, the dart and design ease. Most pattern companies have finish measurements where you can calculate the ease based on the size measurements.

When sewing a curved hem, to get it accurate all way around you just sew  a straight stitch on the right side of the fabric, using the edge of your feet all the way to create a guideline. Press that guideline towards the wrong side and sew again. Or like myself on this particular project, use narrow hem feet.
That is the last time in 2013 that I showcase bare limbs. It’s so cold now!!! Brrr…..

I’m looking forward to make some autumn/winter projects now. Have you made your plans yet? 
What is your ultimate fall outfit?

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  • So pretty! I love your fabric choice and I adore the entire ensemble. This is not one of the patterns I picked from their line up but, I think I might have to reconsider.

    As for the PDF thing – I am ENTIRELY with you! I much prefer printing only a few pages and then tracing the patterns from that. I got quite a bit of slack on my blog about it, but I don’t like using the printer paper as my pattern. Zinnia was 77 pages? What a waste! Aaaackkkk!

  • You are the most goddess-like person I’ve ever come across. Fabulous skirt! Love the print and the shape looks fantastic on you. I’m definitely planning on some Named patterns in the future!

  • Stunning! Not sure I am up to taping though.

  • A beautiful, sexy skirt, Rachel! It shows your gorgeous, long legs to perfection! And what a beautiful fabric.

  • Wow! You look amazing! I love the skirt. I never considered named patterns before, but I think I might take a look at it. I’m rather short, so I’m sure I’ll have to shorten the hem.

  • Utterly gorgeous 🙂

  • Gorgeous! Are you six foot? We so need to hang out! Ying and Yang! xoxo

  • Beautiful! I love it. I don’t mind tracing a pattern if it means I don’t have to tape 77 pages together (In the middle of that proces for Colette Zinnia – 1 hour at a time…)
    I really like this skirt and the fabric you picked!

    • Oh dear. Sorry for you. My zinnia will take a while too

    • I bought the paper pattern for Zinnia from Sewbox. I can’t stand buying PDFs when I can get paper… I always trace PDFs even if they’re not overlaid a la Burda like Named’s – otherwise when I move the patterns on the fabric the edges of the paper tend to move things around, such a drag.
      I looove your skirt – and you look amazing in it.
      I followed the Dakota sewalong button from another site as I just bought it. It’s true their instructions are a bit sparse but they’re no worse than Burda’s:). Have you tried the Shane pleated top? you could really carry it off. The other one I have and really want to make soon is Aydan.

  • Gorgeous skirt Rachel and great photos! How was that fabric to sew with, was it tricky?

    • Viscose it’s easier than other drapy fabrics because has a bit more body but not as easy as cotton, I love viscose for patterns without closures. I tried button holes in once and it was a disaster.

  • I love this wrap skirt on you! You make all clothes seem gorgeous! And I can understand your window panes “thing”: I myself have a “thing” with grey plaids and olive green fabrics right now – I tend to choose just those when I’m fabric-shopping!
    Good job on this skirt (as usual, I may say 🙂 ) and thanks for the review!

  • I love this skirt! The print makes it really stunning.

  • I love this pattern, it looks really easy but the finished result is so elegant.

  • You look gorgeous! I didn’t think much about this pattern when I saw it on Named website, but after seeing your version I think I want it now!

  • Love it ! and great fabric choice. It suits you very well.

  • Love it ! and great fabric choice. It suits you very well.

  • The girl’s got legs!!!! Great skirt on you and I love the print that you chose.

  • Oh wow I have just ordered some of that same fabric! Love your skirt it looks fabulous!

  • Stunning outfit!

  • Too many pages to print and tape does put me off PDFs, 9 sounds fine. At only 5’2″ I don’t think I’m ideally proportioned forthese patterns though! Your outfit looks fab 🙂

  • I dig this graphic print trend you are on. And I love the way you styled this outfit – gorgeous and sexy!

  • Super gorgeous! Love your fabric choice.

  • You look amazing darling! This style is perfect for showing off your incredible legs. Fabulous photos too x

  • You look AMAZING in this skirt! The fabric choice is inspired. The ‘Named’ pattern styling does not appeal to my tastes but your fabric and styling make it look really fresh and fun.

  • Fab! I’m sure the pattern wouldn’t suit my shape but I just adore it on you! Love the fabric, too. Great choice.

  • Fabulous! This looks so great on you!

  • Great photos Rachel and you look amazing.

  • Oh wow, this is so elegant, you look great. Lovely choice of fabric. Will have to check out their patterns as I’m pleased they design them for tall ladies – perfect!

  • Great skirt! I love everything about it!

  • Love the look! I wonder how it would look on us short folks…

  • Whoa, that skirt is smokin’! You look amazing. The skirt doesn’t look quite as exciting on their website. Now I want it. Very nice!

  • Love your skirt! And it’s so true that the easiest projects can be so fun and satisfying. Yours is a stunner. And I’ve gotta say I love your strapless. It’s perfect with the see thru tank and wrap skirt.

  • Stunning skirt and you look amazing. Thanks for the tip about Zinnia – I’ll buy the pattern instead.

  • This looks absolutely gorgeous on you, Rachel! It’d look awful on me, but it’s perfect for your long legs xx

  • You look great, I love how you’ve styled the outfit too, very stylish! It’s fair to say I have long leg envy now lol!

  • really pretty!

  • Looks stunning – simple is best sometimes!

  • You look fantastic in this skirt.

  • Skirt is beautiful, so are your pics, you wear that skirt very well it looks so nice…