Ask the Reader: What does your sewing say about your style?

Hello friends,

A few weeks ago I asked my social media readers to use few words to describe my style based on the clothes I have sewn and shared. I really wanted to get a fresh perspective on how you perceive my personal style and how does it compares to what I think my style is. My heart melted with all the amazing feedback, but one word keep showing up that I wasn’t expecting. My style can be described {by me} as classic with a twist. I love strong design elements, sleek lines, elegant and tailored. In case you are wondering what was the word that called my attention, it was ‘sexy’.  I wonder if that’s because there something culturally expected from Brazilians to be naturally sexy. It was strange revelation that my makes said that about me as what I perceive sexy clothes are: cleavage, short skirts etc never made an appearance on the blog. Can I blame it on my love of tailored (fitted) clothes? Anyway, I had a blast learning more about your views on my wardrobe and that is a subject I want to explore more in the future. How about you?
Do you feel your makes can reflect something of your personality you may not be aware of? 
What do you think your sewing says about yourself?