Ask the Reader: What does your sewing say about your style?

Hello friends,

A few weeks ago I asked my social media readers to use few words to describe my style based on the clothes I have sewn and shared. I really wanted to get a fresh perspective on how you perceive my personal style and how does it compares to what I think my style is. My heart melted with all the amazing feedback, but one word keep showing up that I wasn’t expecting. My style can be described {by me} as classic with a twist. I love strong design elements, sleek lines, elegant and tailored. In case you are wondering what was the word that called my attention, it was ‘sexy’.  I wonder if that’s because there something culturally expected from Brazilians to be naturally sexy. It was strange revelation that my makes said that about me as what I perceive sexy clothes are: cleavage, short skirts etc never made an appearance on the blog. Can I blame it on my love of tailored (fitted) clothes? Anyway, I had a blast learning more about your views on my wardrobe and that is a subject I want to explore more in the future. How about you?
Do you feel your makes can reflect something of your personality you may not be aware of? 
What do you think your sewing says about yourself?
  • I definitely think my sewing reflects my style. Everything I make has a vintage and very feminine touch to it, almost childlike too.

    • i love how etherial and adorable your clothes are and I do feel it says you are a dreamer…

  • Gee, I think your clothes say ‘confident, proud, quirky, and stylish’ all at once. And sexy goes without saying. You nailed your look perfectly with the word ‘twist’ ~ they are never boring or common at all… J

  • Oh darling you would look sexy in a flour sack, but in the most styley way! The fact that your makes are beautifully cut and fitted emphasises the styley part without taking away from the sexy part 🙂

  • Sexy can be more than just cleavage and butt. It’s about how you carry and present yourself, how your clothes fit you and bring out your best features. On top of that you are also a very beautiful young lady, so it’s not a surprise that word would come up 🙂

    I love vintage style clothes and I’m fully aware some people might misinterpret my values because of the way I dress. I love the style of the 40’s and 50’s but I definitely wouldn’t want to live in that era.

  • That’s an interesting question. I started sewing because it was hard for me to find clothes which I like and that fit nice. Maybe I should ask the same question to my readers, because I have no idea about it “reflecting” something that I’m not aware of, but probably it will. You’re asking hard questions girl! I’ll have to think a little more about it.

    • I defiantly feel your clothes have introspective feel that suits your personality, with the colours and shapes. its an understated cool

  • I tend to make the same type of clothes as I would buy in shops. The big difference is that since I do the sewing myself I can spend more money on the materials and get better quality within the price range I can effort. They also fit much better, which is the main reason I started sewing my own clothes.
    I think I dress very feminine with a tough edge. Or something like that. I don’t know. People say that I dress in a unique way but I don’t know about that.

  • Rachel, you have inspired and amazed me [since Sew weekly days], Your sewing is so well done,and your fit is perfect. I sew you as : a beautiful girl who wears her clothes so well. They are always so becoming on you.And not only clothes, but you craft equally well. And best of all: Through your sewing blog I see a very caring/ fun person..
    Happy sewing my friend.

  • What a lovely post – it’s always interesting to have other peoples perspective and what stands out to them. I love your style and yes I think you always look sexy too, but that’s because you make clothes that are stunning and fit so well that you were with confidence. Work it!!!!!!

  • Ooo, this is a tricky question. So much depends on what mood I’m in. It’s a bit like trying to sum up my personality in one sentence! I’d say I’m classic, casual and girly. Even then I’m not so sure!

  • I missed your question on twitter but yes, sexy is one of the words I’d have picked. I think it’s because your clothes are slim fitting and you do such a good job on the fitting . FWIW the other two would have been colourful and stylish.

    It’s an interesting question as to whether clothes can say something the wearer is not aware of. I think they can, but a lot is in the eye of the beholder so you shouldn’t take it too seriously!

  • My sewing totally reflects my style as I’m inspired massively by music, which in turns comes through in a lot of my makes. I like to make things that are big and bold like me 🙂 Sewing has also allowed me to wear florals something I would have considered to girly for my demeanour but I’ve worked out big tropical prints and huge cabbage roses I can rock.