Colette Zinnia

There is a lot of controversy about this pattern and admittedly I kind of “hate” my make. It is so NOT my style.  Too cute, girly, whimsical… 
Don’t get me wrong, but I feel it doesn’t suit me at all. 
Since there were some issues with this skirt I will give this pattern another chance before writing everything that is currently on your mind. It does offer good learning skills for beginners and I’m teaching the Zinnia next Saturday Nov 23 at VH.
If you are eagle eyed enough, you will have notice I am wearing DIY Couture Coat. I LOVEEEEEEE this and kind of saved my outfit.  * Update: Here is the pattern
For those thinking to consider making the zinnia, bare in mind this pattern is cut on the crossgrain making print placement a challenge. I’m so used to ignore instructions and layout that this information has gone amiss for me. Another lesson learned: Don’t assume you know it all. Do look at the instructions even if you choose to ignore later. even when you are on a tight work deadline. Oh Yeah, don’t sew when you have loads of work deadlines on your mind either.

If you are trying to understand what version I made, it was originally version one. I love buttons on skirts. I’m afraid the fabric weight was too heavy and the gatherings looked ridiculous. Hello unpicker.. nice to see you again…  Procrastination and another WIP stressful project I decided to return and finish this skirt.  
As this sat on my sewing room for a whole month the decision of not keeping it for me was on mind. If I could redistribute the new waist size by pleats, it would work for someone else. In the end 4 pleats on the front and 3 on the back. I should have measured them twice because they aren’t exactly the same size. Oh well. It is almost a miracle that I just didn’t bin it and started again.
To allocate the extra dress size I altered the waistband by adding a colour block scrap from the skirt. The waistband is a scrumptious chambray. It doesn’t look big because I pinned on me, sorry peeps… feel like I am totally cheating but I didn’t want to share it on the mannequin.
Am I been too hash on this make? I kind of feel I’m been honest. I know I don’t want to wear it, so after it’s gig as Village Haberdashery Christmas window display(if it makes the cut) she needs a good home. Annie really loves this skirt so I’m hoping it will fit her.
  • I see what you mean with possibly not liking the skirt! But I do think it’s still quite pretty. I don’t own (likely will not) the pattern because it isn’t particularly something I want (plus there are other patterns with similar aesthetics that I like better.) It looks like a fantastic beginner skirt and any newer seamstress will be able to make this and be thrilled to bits… I would be if I were a beginner!! I think there is definitely potential with this skirt, though. I’m sure the folks in your class will be so excited to make this skirt… it’s a great looking pattern for them.

  • Oh man…I LOVE this! But then girly and whimsical are totally my style 🙂 I really love the teal arrows fabric you chose for this. Could you share where you found it?

  • I actually like this on you, but then again, I’ve never seen anything on you that I DIDN’T like. Honestly, the pattern doesn’t do anything for me, but I prefer the pleats to gathers.

  • I think the skirt is cute and the outfit as a whole looks amazing.
    Do you think that if you had chosen a plain fabric, or cut the pattern on crossgrain that the finished result would have been more to your liking?

    • Maybe, thats why I’m giving this make another chance…

    • Definitely give it another go, Rachel. I really think you will look amazing in it.

  • I like the fabric and think it turned out very cute. Good that you already have a recipient in mind since its not really your thing.

  • That fabric is awesome!

    (But I do agree with you – even though I like the skirt, and it looks good on you, it just doesn’t seem your usual style. You’re usually more about the sleeker lines, and this just looks a bit more “crafty” than what you usually make. Which is a shame, as it’s a super cute skirt!!)

  • Love the skirt! And I also like that you wear a heavy knitted cardigan with your outfit. Great styling!

  • I really admire you for sharing your reservations about this make. I don’t like sanitised sewing. I love people being honest about their makes and there are always going to be ones we don’t quite connect with. That being said, it’s a great skirt and you look FABULOUS in all the photos. If this is how you style a skirt you don’t like, well…! I love the DIY Couture coat. Is that from the book? Did you make it?!

    • Thats what I LOVE so much on your blog darling. Yes, the coat is from Rosie’s book and I was lucky enough to keep it from the shoot we done last year!

  • I love this skirt, but I know what you mean. Sometimes you make something that isn’t quite right – it just happens. I absolutely LOVE your coat – what pattern is it?

  • Rachael you’re the kind of person who looks fabulous in everything!! The fabric you’ve chosen is great and I love the way the rockets (if that’s what they are!!) move around the skirt. That said I think you need to be a certain age or shape to carry off this kind of skirt. I have bought the pattern mostly because I really liked the chiffon version and thought the other views would come in handy if I went back to work 😉 Interesting how we’re all great at saying how much we love certain patterns but reticent about speaking up about what we don’t like. We’re all nice people I guess 😀 Nevertheless there is so much value in sharing what we find doesn’t work for us too.
    As for the cost – it looks amazing!!

  • I really love it too! I’ve had my eye on that fabric forever. I’d gladly take it if it needs a new home :)))

  • I love the fabric you’ve used and you look super in it, as always. However, the pattern isn’t grabbing me either, I’m being pretty strict with myself about pattern buying (it had got out of control!) and this one hasn’t made my wishlist. Your honesty is very helpful 🙂

  • “Oh Yeah, don’t sew when you have loads of work deadlines on your mind either.” – Oh man, I’ve had a lesson in that a couple of times this year (For me it’s a case of “Don’t sew under extreme time pressure, you WILL make mistakes”). First my Tiramisu was all wrong in the bust, then a lined skirt I made didn’t fit (hello, Amanda, if you put a whole pile of extra fabric where it wasn’t before without adjusting for it, of course the already fitted style won’t fit!), then a sample I made for pattern cutting was off grain (of course, the first thing the teacher noticed last night). Over a number of projects, not so bad, but all together makes me sound like a fool. Say no to deadlines, I say!

    In other news, I like the fabric of your skirt, but agree that the pattern is a bit, I don’t now, uninspiring. All those pleats would just add bulk to my already bulky tummy! I actually quite like the side view on you, though! I have a bit of a vendetta against pleats right now, all pleated out after cutting so many patterns for them in class, so maybe I’m not being fair. I think the chiffon version might work on more people. You did a great job, it’s just not a great pattern for your style. xo

  • Well, I think you look amazing, but I’m biased. 😉 But really, there’s nothing negative about saying something isn’t your style!

  • I see what you mean but you do wear it well Rachel! I think it’s one of those patterns you need to make twice to really be sure if it’s you or not. I do sympathise with you as I’m in the middle of making a similar skirt and I’m thinking is it really ‘me’. But that’s the ups and downs of sewing.

  • Love the skirt Rachel.. [But everything looks cute on you.ha].. So sweet of you to give it away.. So your sewing/frustration with it, is not in vain..
    Happy sewing..and have fun with your classes..

  • Well done making it through to the end. I agree, it’s not your usual style but thanks for sharing your thoughts. I still think it’s lovely though!

  • I think you look so absolutely beautiful in this skirt. Whether you like it or not, you can definitely pull of the floaty whimsical look, even if its not your true style. And the coat is just so wonderful too.

  • ah doll sometimes sewing is like that but hell woman you could rock a paper bag and a pair of flip flops 🙂 that coat is gorgesous. I like the skirt material.

  • Happy to read about reservations on a pattern! Bless you Rachel! I feel the shape is not really your style… As someone said looks crafty though it’s perfectly executed. And the pleats seem to add too much volume on your slim body. I agree choosing a large print is not the best because the rockets get cut off. But luckily someone may like this make exactly for these reasons. Which is why we shouldn’t be afraid to speak up 😉 hoping to see it on Annie