#Dakotasewalong: Finish your Dakota.

Hello sew along-ers, 
By now your dress is so close to finish and you must be quite excited. We are! There will be a reveal party so if you want to take part, send us a picture or link to your blog post by Monday, 1st December.
Marie’s explained how you set the sleeve in and sew your cuffs. You can sew them in the open before sewing the sleeves but I won’t be covering this technique.
I’m going to show you how to sew your cuff for knits. I made mine double the width and maintained the length of the sleeve of the pattern piece.

We start by sewing the side seams right sides together.  Press it open and finish your seam.
Now we will sew the cuffs together exactly as the method above.
With your cuff flat, right side facing, sew the side seams together.  Press and finish your seam. As ponte  knits don’t unravel, you may choose to serge or trim. Avoid bulk by grading seams.
Folding halfway, wrong sides inside.
Place the cuff inside the sleeve, right side together. You should line the raw edges and match seams.
Cuffs aren’t to complicated to ease but if your never done before you may want to use a fail proof technique called “quartering”. That involves dividing your sleeve hem and cuffs into 4 equal parts. Place a pin in each side seam allowance and fold the sleeve in half finding the other two half’s. Now meet each quarter point of the sleeve with the cuff. 
Sew the cuff to the sleeve

Finish the seams. Either trim or serge. Press!

If you want to sew your cuffs like a classical shirt, follow this tutorial.

Sew your buttons

After choosing what buttons you want to use, choose if you want to sew one or two buttons in each cuff adjusting the position of your button placement. For my project, one button was enough.
Follow your machine manual on how to adjust the feet to sew buttons and choose your button case shape if you have a choice.
If your machine doesn’t sew automatic buttonholes, don’t worry. This is a great tutorial.
Before I open my button case I like adding a few drops of anti fray on top and leave it to dry. You can either snip it open with embroidery scissors, seam ripper or a button hole chisel.

Hand sew your buttons
Customise ideas for your cuffs

Cut 4 cuffs from the pattern, either all with the same fashion fabric or different fabric. Interface 2.
Right side together, sew the cuff lining creating a slight curved shape in the ends. Trim, clip the curves, turn right side and press. You can use your longer cuff either long or folded.
 Now you just need to hem your dress.

Serge or orvelock the edge of your hem.

Curved hems can be a pain to hem equally so an awesome trick is to sew the edge of your fabric all around using the edge of your fabric matching the edge of your feet as a guide. Press on the wrong side. Sew. Delicate fabrics may require hand sewing.


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