#Dakotasewalong:Sewing the bodice and skirt together.

For those that have finished their collars and sewn the centre front together, you will now join the bodice with the skirt in the round.  
Stay-stitch the flap in place if you didn’t it while sewing your pocket.  
The flaps edge should match the skirt’s edge. There aren’t many notches on this dress so most matching are done through the seams.
When I sew, I find myself always pining the front centre first, then pining outwards, than pining the centre back and pining outwards. That way, if there is any easing necessary when they meet at the sides is easier to spread the excess evenly.

On my winter dakota,  my pockets were placed on the front  seams instead of the side seams and the flaps are sewn the same. Changing the pocket placement offers a good customisation for this dress. Reminder that you must do it before sewing the skirt to the bodice.

Now, for those who are sewing the bodice and skirt together as per the pattern instructions. My mini mock up makes a return to the sew along. Both my dresses and Marie’s were sewn in the round but we feel beginners may prefer to sew it open. Pls ignore messiness!

Right side up of the bodice facing you, place the skirt on top (right side together), making sure the both edges of the waistline meet.  Pin into place matching all the seams.  I start by anchoring the centre back to centre back and doing the same with the other match points etc. 
One small trick is to anchor each seam with a pin on the vertical, securing both seams together,  to avoid the fabric moving while sewing.  Pin the skirt to the bodice, sew and press.
With both of the the centre fronts facing each other, right sides together, sew 1 cm seam allowance till the collar break point.  Press. Now you can secure your facings by slipstitching it in place. Press your collar in place on the right side by folding and pressing it in place with the support of a pressing ham.

  • All your seams are impeccable! Love to see how you are constructing this!

  • I love WIP posts!! Always great to pick up new tips.

  • thanks for the tip about the order of pinning – i never thought about that, but it makes sense to ease it in near the sides.