Hello gorgeous.

This month, part of wholeport craft club I was gifted some Pokadot chiffon…


So, what should I make? I confess I am coveting Jane’s  & Winnie’s Makes. They look amazing.

To tempt me even more there is a Bow Blouse Sewalong! Ohhh Decisions.

Any one can advice good tutorials on working with chiffon?
  • I got no advice, but loving the bow blouse idea 😉

  • oh, please do a bow blouse so i can live vicariously. if i could stop making party dresses i’d do one!

    • i will measure how much there is and if there is enough for 2 blouses, Im shipping it to you and you gotta make ya!

  • Oh a bow blouse in that pattern woukd be fab! Please do one so I can copy yours 😉

  • Oh, I love polka dots! I have some silk chiffon that I’m scared of sewing. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to prewash it or just send it to the dry cleaners. I did a bunch of handwash tests, which I blogged about but I haven’t made anything with it yet. Cold water made it shrink a bit more than lukewarm water. Are you going to prewash yours? For tips on sewing chiffon, check out this Craftsy tutorial: http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2013/04/sewing-chiffon/ Stabilizing is key.

  • You’ve GOT to make a bow blouse with that fabric Rachel! it’s the law! Thanks for the mention darling. X