Monster truck gigant pillow

Cookie (our nephew) has a love for trucks, bin lorries and diggers, so imagined when I found this on Terry fabrics.  
On my basket were: 1 metre of blue klaxon curtain fabric; The name is so confusion but is just a good quality soft quilting cotton, 1 metre of a canvas red and 1 metre of natural trail, that is also canvas like.
I love their selection of children’s fabric and would recommend you to have a look and think beyond the ‘curtain’ references. They would work on beautiful quilts, cushions and even stuffed toys.
Then was the big challenge, what to make for a young boy. Kids don’t want clothes. They want toys and exciting things. I took a practical and educational approach: a massive reading cushion would be fun. In the shape of an monster truck even more! 
It was drafted about 10 different designs and all the family had their input. Great collaboration in making it too. I had a few bits of felt laying around and my friend Cris gave a hand cutting them to my design.
Overall it took about 2 hours just because we were chatting and laughing so much was hard to concentrate.The felt was sewn with an appliqué stitch my machine has and it took 6 cushions to fill it up. Overall, a very easy and simple project.
Dexter seems to like it, what do you think? What shawl I make with the natural trail
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