Quiet times…

Hello sunday morning,

I love when the sun shines throughout my sewing window. Makes me want to sit in front of my machine, with a coffee and contemplate the outside, with my mind full of ideas for my next projects. The sun really feed my creative energy. Maybe that’s why when is dark I’m so unproductive. Last month I was terrible. Besides the quiet time from my sewing and blogging break and the craziness of writing the sew along posts there wasn’t much time left.
The little time I had free I cleaned and tidied my sewing room.

It was messy so to not embarrass myself too much this is just a sneaky view of my patterns “before”.

I even organised my quilting scraps by colour. A quilt is overdue.

I felt an enormous satisfaction when I saw my bookshelf all ‘shine and bright’!

On another note, my pattern is now being tested and the feedback is fantastic. The release day is Christmas: Dec 25.

Emmie at our sewing club

Happy Sunday!

  • Great organising. Looks very tidy, wish my stash looked like that. What a great selection of books you have, what are your favourite ones that you would recommend?
    Can’t wait for your pattern 🙂

  • I have a soft spot for books. If you can only have a few I recommend: The sewing book by Alison Smith. Comprehensive, good visual explanations and span of techniques. Fit for real people by Pati Palmer. Great fitting advice but the aesthetics is old fashioned. Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin. Great advice for use of knits and incl good start patterns.

  • i agree totally on sunshine/dark, and now that we’ve lost an hour of light i’m MAD!

    organizing is the best. i’m all organized for a little test today :))

  • I always feel more creative if I’ve had a bit of a tidy up, you look super organised now. What a lovely selection of books 🙂

  • I’m with you on the sun situation I always feel more productive when it’s out but a good clean up helps to inspire me no matter what the weather is and being messy I need to clean up quite often Ha!
    Love that you’ve chosen Christmas Day as your pattern release date – will be a lovely present 🙂

  • Ahhhhh Sunday. The best day for organising and relaxing.
    Claire xx

  • Good work you! I stayed in my robe all day and watched DVDs and ate biscuits. Nothing got done. I feel a bit guilty about that but hey, the sun came up again today! Mind you it is pretty dreary here, grey and cold. I think we have each other’s weather??

  • So jealous of your day… Ohhh my next Sunday will be like this… Another cold day tomorrow brrrr …

  • Love sunny days…girl, you should see my sewing room…we are not even going there! Yours looks great!! I CANT wait for your pattern–so much fun!!

  • I hate tidying up…I’m a very messy person, that hoards “Stuff”. Well done for sorting it out on such a sunny day.

  • I’m hoping this works for me as we are soon to be coming into 40 degree days 🙂

  • Your room looks so neat and tidy, love the sunshine coming through the window. Also, it is so exciting about the release of your pattern.

  • Doesn’t a clean sewing space feel so great! I partially cleaned my stash this weekend and I felt so at ease not looking at a mess!

  • I tidied my sewing room last week too! My sewing room has been a WIP.. first I cleared out my exes junk, then I moved all MY junk into corner. Last week I finally packed up the junk into another corner of the room (should take it out to the shed, but mehhh, lazy :P), and threw out old traced out patterns. Feels good!!